I thought he wanted sex with her not knowing he wanted to butcher her for ritual – Man confesses in Ikoyi

Man’s wickedness to man knows no limit. So also is man’s greed for wealth, it can lead him to do the vilest of things. This is what one can make of what happened in Ikoyi in Osun state recently as a 39 year old man, Kabiru Oyeduntan, confessed to have participated in the killing and butchering of a lady in his room ostensibly for rituals.
Kabiru disclosed the deceased lady was the girlfriend of his friend, whose name he gave simply as Akin O’Clumsy.

Kabiru Oyeduntan

This is according to a video obtained by ogbomosoinsightonline.com. In the video, Kabiru was seen squatting by the upper part of the murdered woman lying on a clothe spread on the floor and a blue colour bucket containing her other parts by a side. His manner did not betray emotions; he didn’t appear to see the crime as a big deal evincing the belief that it was just an episode that went awry, though in another breath he pleaded for leniency from Nigerians.
As he responded to questions, he did not flinch from the blood-soaked mangled body, even as he expertly removed the parts from the bucket when ordered to, it was a horrible sight.
Kabiru, who described himself as a bricklayer and a night guard also revealed that he was at home that fateful day when Akin O’Clumsy, an indigene of Ikoyi in Osun state, arrived his residence with the girl and requested to use his room, “I thought he just wanted to have sex with her and I left the room to stay outside, after a while I went inside and I saw him strangling the lady.”
He further told reporters, “He requested that I assist him and I helped in holding the girl’s legs while he killed her. He promised to give me N50, 000. I did not kill her, he just came to cause trouble for me, I never I did anything like that before. He requested me to give him knife and he was the one that butchered her into pieces. The way he dismembered the body showed he had been doing it before.”
Asked how he was arrested, the suspect said his elder brother’s wife must have seen them or heard noises in the room and so suspected foul play, “So, she was the one that reported me. And I was arrested when I went to the market to buy Indian hemp. I am innocent of the killing, I didn’t know Akin wanted to kill her.”
He disclosed he didn’t know the whereabouts of his partner-in-crime at present however blaming the police for allowing him to escape. “After I have been arrested by the police he was calling me (on phone) saying he was in Ikoyi but they didn’t allow us to go there. His grandfather is a popular Ifa priest in Ikoyi but I don’t where he lived and I don’t know where he is hiding now.”

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