Soun of Ogbomoso declares support for Yoruba nation but on one condition

The Soun of Ogbomosoland, Oba Oladunni Oyewum Ajagungbade III, JP, CON, CFR has declared that he was ready to support Yoruba nation if one condition is met.
Oba Oyewumi who received hundreds of Yoruba nation youth campaigners in his palace today said the only reason that could make him support Oodua Republic is if that is the general consensus among the Yoruba people.

Soun of Ogbomoso

The monarch, while speaking, through his private secretary, Mr. Toyin Ajamu, submitted: “We assure you that we will support whatever the decision of the generality of the Yoruba people is. Where Yoruba are going is where we will go. We will not go against the current.”
Praying for protection over the self-determination activists, the first class traditional ruler expressed sadness over the happenings in the country and so encouraged Yoruba people to stand firm so as not to curb the ruination of the land.

Sunday Igboho

“We are not also happy over all that is happening: farm destructions, kidnapping, killings, raping, maiming of farmers and so on, it is saddening. I do not believe the people that amalgamated Nigeria had this evil design for us, they must have wished that we build a strong and prosperous nation, but things have degenerated.

Prof Banji Akintoye, president, Ilana Egbe Oodua
Sola (right) and a comrade at the Ogbomoso palace

“I pray Yorubaland will not suffer further degradation. We will support the dream of the Yoruba people on the matter, you can count on us.”
Speaking earlier, a spokesperson of the agitators, who identified himself as Sola, a young woman, was full of commendations to the monarch for the warm welcome granted them and urged Soun to continue to support the movement.

The campaigners

She further submitted:”It is high time the Yoruba nation stood on its own, the Fulani and Hausa have taken over Nigeria, they are the ones occupying all juicy positions. Are we slaves in our own land? Enough is enough!
V”Let each region go its separate way, Yoruba nation will be prosperous, we are blessed with both human and natural resources, we are capable of building a virile nation. Restructuring has become obsolete, what we want now is Yoruba nation, we don’t want restructuring any longer. A separate nation is what we long for now. If we have our separate country, Fulani herders will not come here and start destroying our farms, killing our farmers, kidnapping us or raping our women and go scot-free. Enough of closing down our schools because of threat of insecurity.”

‘Yoruba-Exit’ Nigeria banner

She however disclosed the Yoruba do not want war but that if attacked it will be repelled.
“But Yoruba do not want war, we want to achieve this peacefully but if Nigeria wants war, we are ready for them. Why won’t you arrest bandits but go after those defending their people? You want to arrest Chief Sunday Igboho, who is defending his brutalized people while bandits and terrorists are walking free, rehabilitated and being given money. We will not take that,” she threatened.
The agitators later went round the city in vehicles and motorcycles bearing Oodua Republic’s flags and banners and singing solidarity songs. They were continually cheered by the residents especially any time Sunday Igboho was mentioned.
The campaigners were part of the team deployed by Professor Banji Akintoye, leader of Egbe Ilana Oodua and Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Sunday Igboho, both of whom declared Oodua Republic last month.

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