Imbibe the virtues of Christ, Femi Onireti charges Christians, calls on Buhari to listen to cries of Nigerians

Femi Onireti has felicitated Christians on the occasion of this year’s Easter celebration however noting that beyond the festivities should be a conscious effort to decide to live according to the tenets of the risen Christ.
In a press statement signed by him the US-based businessman and philanthropist added that the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are very significant and central to the life of a Christian, and so urged Christians never to eschew the virtues preached and exemplified by Jesus Christ.
“I congratulate all our Christian brothers and sisters on the 2021 celebration of Easter, may we be alive for long to witness many more of the occasions. In the light of this l wish to encourage Christians to not be carried away by the festivities or my felicity but to always realize that living in accordance with the teachings espoused by the risen saviour is more important.
”What is being commemorated, that is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, preceeded by His divine birth and death, is very significant to the Christian faith and is thus central and so l want to charge us to never lose sight of this, we should always be guided by His teachings and exemplary life.”
Onireti meanwhile averred that it was because Nigerians have abandoned godly living that the nation is confronted by the various problems assailing it.
The House of Representatives’ hopeful then prayed that God will intervene to restore Nigeria to the path of peace and progress while beseeching the federal government to hearken to the cries of Nigerians.
“The various crises confronting us as a nation cannot be divorced from the fact that we have abandoned the godly way even though we claim to be pious, forgetting that religiosity is quite different from piety or godly living.
“In the same vein l urge the federal government to listen to the demands of the people they claim to be leading so that respite can come the way of Nigeria. The land is beset with many troubles and wailings.”

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