Daring the devil

An axiom says: “everyman is a fool to a particular woman.” Note the prefix “every” which means no man is exempted from the fact, be he wealthy, poor, king, slave, shrewd, dull, pious,, ruthless, wicked, kind, arrogant, lazy, hardworking, whosoever – even a foolish man is a fool to a particular woman! Who may this particular woman be? She may either be the man’s mother, wife or concubine! More often, she is either the wife or concubine. As ruthless as Adolf Hitler was, he was a fool to a woman. Socrates, a famous Greek philosopher, as wise as he was, he was nonentity in the hands of his quarrelsome wife. One day, the wife was exhibiting her usual stock in trade: nagging and deriding her husband. Socrates, instead of trading words with her, calmly came down the stairs from their storey apartment to stroll down the street. But as soon as he got to the footage of the house, the wife poured a bowlful of water on him – he got drenched! Socrates, instead of becoming angry, laughed out loudly and said: ‘Am expecting this, because you’ve been thundering and usually rain follows the thunder,” One might ask what sort of influence or power does this particular woman have on her husband? Ordinarily, the influence or power of juju on the man by the particular woman will not be overruled; but more often than not the particular woman only employs a well directed pampering against the man. The particular woman is usually a highly intelligent woman. She would understudy the man to establish what he has strong passion for. If the man is sex maniac, she pampers him with erotic relationship. If he is a glutton, she pampers him with delicacies and so on. If a man is still child attached to her mother’s apron at forty, his mother would become the particular woman in his life.
As I have earlier pointed out, the “particular woman” is clever, she knows what she wants in man and she knows how to get it – at the peak of her pampering, she nails the reveling man! Passion and weakness are not the only reasons by which a man can become a fool to a woman. A man can be intimidated or blackmailed into becoming fool to a woman. I know several men whose wives would not go scot free if they behave like Socrates’ wife – but Socrates would not react violently because he had his reputation to guard, he wouldn’t want to be described as a great philosopher but a wife beater. His wife knew that and capitalized on it
Many of “Iya Mission” are like Socrates’ wife! They are always pain in the neck of their husbands. A roaring pastor on the pulpit turns a dumb in the mission! He is under the wife’s intimidation. Many pastors suffer in silence clinging to the Holy Scriptures that God hates divorce. The knowledge that a pastor is a wife beater or divorcee, will ill-affect his acceptability by any church. The wife of course knows this and she embarks on intimidating the poor man.
Blackmailing is another way by which a man may turn a fool to a particular woman. Unlike pampering and intimidating, a trap is set for the unwary man and once caught up, he falls to blackmail. In order to keep his face, the man has to dance to the tune of the woman always. A husband who impregnated the housemaid will turn a fool to the house help, so is a pastor who impregnated the wife of a member becomes an ATM to the woman, he dares not comply!
But as far as the above expositions are true, there is often a divine intervention that works in favour of those spelled, pampered, intimidated or blackmailed. With time, “ewe a sunko” – that is the spell cast on the man would become impotent and he would then be able to see things in the right perspective. God may answer the prayer of the intimidated man; his wife may have a turn of heart and repent of her bad behaviour. Divine intervention can also give respite to the man being blackmailed – the key evidence in the blackmail may vamoose! What this paragraph is actually saying is that those under any form of bondage will be liberated through divine intervention.
The foregoing is an oracle giving definition to what is currently going on in Nigeria where the poor citizens have been held in bondage of the powerful ruling class. The sun of the new era is now rising for the spelled, pampered, intimidated and the blackmailed, says the oracle.
Yes, the devil is now being dared and hope is rising for the downtrodden in Nigeria. In early part of the year, people were compelled to stay indoors for the fear of contracting coronavirus. The fear of the killer disease was so intense that one felt it can be physically seen outside! Everyone stayed inside. The foodstuff was depleted in the house and hunger crept in! Citizens were between Scylla and Charybels; they needed to dare the less dangerous of the devils: the “Koro” outside or the hunger inside? Covid-19 devil was dared; they preferred to die of Koro than to die of hunger. NAFDAC approval or not, people started using local concoctions to resist Covid-19 and the brewers laughed to the bank! People dared the deadly killer “patapata”! Religious houses that were closed are now opened to worshipping, people now ignore social distancing and attend social parties as before, masking and hand washing is seldom done except at official gatherings.
While the Coronavirus pandemic is gradually ebbing away, Nigerian youths came out with another devil daring action – serious protest to end SARS because of its notoriety sprang up. Though the police and soldiers killed many peaceful protesters and the people (or hoodlums) responded by burning many police stations and government properties, the youths scored success in their demand: SARS had been disbanded and their other demands are now being attended to.
I wrote in one of my past articles in this magazine that a generation is coming in Nigeria that would have zero tolerance for the deceitful and selfish way we are governed. The “Ifa” is yet to be packed up from the ground before its pronouncement is coming to pass! Many years ago, I used to know an old “gangan” drummer, who used to beat his drum to philosophically express futuristic development on anything spectacular, notable or strange. He would drum: “ke-ke-ke le nri, nla-nla bo leyin,” meaning you’re just seeing bits of the occurrence, bigger forms of it are coming to occur.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: The human body is created by God Almighty. Marriage among humans is man-made and that is why we conduct solemnization service for it. If God can say in His infinite intelligence that a part of the body that is leading the soul to sin, and lead a miserable life and as such preventing the soul from reaching the everlasting kingdom of His is better be done away with; how much more, the infinite intelligence will sanction the divorce of a marriage organized by mere human beings if such marriage is driving either of the spouses to sin, lead a miserable life and prevent either of the spouses from reaching the Kingdom of Heaven.
However, would a spouse whose livelihood and ability to put “gaari” on the table depend on existence of a marriage have the courage to divorce even if the marriage is sinful, miserable, an albatross hanging on the neck, and the sort that can lead either of the spouses to hell?

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