Alaaje Ologo returns to Ghana for wedding of great grand niece of late Soun (PHOTOS)

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Alaaje Ologo returns to Ghana for wedding of great grand niece of late Soun (PHOTOS)




Alaaje of Aaje Ologo Ogbomoso HRH Reuben Adesina Amao Osunbiyi 1 JP (dss dir rtd) last weekend stormed Kumasi in Ghana for the wedding ceremony of the great grand niece of late Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III, the Soun of Ogbomosoland, Princess Taibat Yetunde Oyewumi.


The great grandfather of the bride (Yetunde), was Prince Asafa Oyewumi, a brother of the late Oba Oladunni Oyewumi. Prince Asafa’s son, Prince Fatai married Alaaje’s maternal aunt, Princess Rebecca, who became late Soun’s cook. Fatai and Rebecca were parents to Teslim, who sired the bride, Yetunde. Teslim, Yetunde’s father, is late however, making her to live with her uncle (her father’s brother, Prince Sikiru) in Ghana, where she met her heartthrob, Hussain Kabiru, also a native of Ogbomoso.


Oba Amao, a retired Director of Internal Security with extensive expertise in security matters, and who was once an Assistant Director in charge of VIPs who visited Ghana and who with a team of about 4 personnel from Nigeria, alongside a special Ghanaian security team, trained the body guards of former President Kofi Akufour of Ghana, was born and grew up in Kumasi, Ghana, thus, going for the wedding at the former Gold Coast was a kind of home coming for him as he was able to reunite with his childhood friends including those he attended the Royal International School opposite Ahmaddiya Secondary School with.


Oba Alaaje who was a special royal guest at the party held at Royal Street Hotel, Duase, in Kumasi, and attended by many Nigerians resident in Ghana and those who made the trip from Nigeria, was accorded special recognition. When given the floor, he offered the couple pieces of advice on how to build a successful home together just as he spoke glowingly about the Yoruba culture and traditions, urging the congregation on their protection.


Speaking in four different languages, English, Yoruba, Hausa and Ashanti (Twi), to demonstrate his polyglot status, Alaaje, who the bride’s father (Teslim), once lived with, enjoined, “I want to advise the couple to always investigate issues meticulously before taking final decisions. Secondly, bride, learn to respect your husband in all circumstances while the bridegroom should provide for his home.


“Thirdly, you should build yourselves up spiritually by praying together. Then, develop your love life by eating together and sleeping together. Match your different characters and always forgive in advance for we are human beings and fallible. And so, we shall keep on disagreeing to agree,” while showering them with royal blessings and gifts to lay the foundation of a fruitful life.


On the Yoruba cherished culture and traditions, the Oba stated, “Our duty as Chiefs and Obas and everyone is to sustain our (good) customs, culture, values, ethics character and behaviour or else our customs and culture will diminish and if we are not careful we shall have to adopt others’ culture and be paying to have our own back in the future with money from foreigners.”


The royal father added, “We should foster cooperation with the government to bring development into our community. Forging cooperation with government involves abiding by the rules of law that govern us as a nation. Good characters and actions bring about honesty, creativity, intergrity and peace which propel good living with the joy of the Lord and the fear of God.”


Oba Amao who served some 32 years in the Department of State Services (DSS), and studied General and Applied Psychology at the University of Jos, was accompanied by several people from Nigeria, to add glamour to the occasion.


Prince Sikiru Oyewumi, the chief host lavishly entertained the guests.


The occasion was also used to “venerate” the spirit of the dead in the family by observing a minute silence in their honour. Those honoured included Oba Ajagungbade III, Princes Asafa, Fatai and Teslim, all of Oyewumi family of Opo-Elubo compound in Oja-Igbo, Ogbomoso.

Couple – Hussain Kabiru and Yetunde Oyewumi
Alaaje at the party
Oba Yoruba Ashanti Ghana
Alaaje with one of Oyewumi families based in Kumasi Ghana
Muslim clerics at the occasion
Relations at the party
Alaaje with Oba Yoruba Ashanti

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