Soun jabs detractors: You say I’m pastor why not say I’m chairman of big corporations too!

Soun jabs detractors: You say I’m pastor why not say I’m chairman of big corporations too!




Soun of Ogbomosoland Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III has called out detractors fond of labelling him a pastor and who find it difficult to reconcile it with his role as Oba, wondering however why they consistently fail to acknowledge his position as chairman of major corporations.


The measured jab is another highlight of the recent parley between the cerebral Oba Olaoye and the Egbe Omo Ogbomoso Parapo Agbaaye at the Apaake headquarters of the socio-cultural association.


Many especially those not comfortable with a pastor rising to an important throne as that of Soun have maligned him. They said it’s unacceptable and some still nurse grudges.


But the Soun used the platform provided by the meeting to jokingly address the issue.


The Oba was immersed passionately enunciating his vision and mission for Ogbomosoland and asserting his commitment to “have every son and daughter of Ogbomoso to be proud of their town,” when he digressed to make the pointed remark.


He had promised “Justice, fairness and equity will be my watchword,” in dealing with all religions. “I’m father to all.”


After making that point, he fires, “l am a pastor, do you want an Oba who does not work? That is my profession! Or is it a taboo? You want an Oba that will care for you, that will bring development. Let me tell you, you are not supposed to enthrone an Oba who has no job, such may not take you far.”


Now, the clincher, “But they are emphasizing my pastor-ship, but l am, truly. However, l am also a businessman, l am chairman of at least five big companies. I have office in Lagos that is not church, and l have workers l pay. But they won’t mention that, awon onibaje (detractors).”


The monarch further stressed, ”God knows me (as a pastor) as at the time he said l should come and become king and God knows what Obas do. And myself that accepted knew why. And l know l must be fair to the three religions. I quite know one’s mind is his faith.”


Oba Ghandi demonstrating the knowledge the situation exposed him to, disclosed, “l have members who speak ill of me for taking up the throne, how much more someone who is not my member. So, l am not forcing anyone to accept my faith, l go to church but l do not impose my faith on anybody. And let no one force his faith on another. Let everyone practice the religion they like. As we say in church, ‘say the prayer and l say amen.’ There should be no problem. Don’t let us allow anyone divide us with religion. My paternal grandmother was a Muslim. We celebrated Muslim festivals together without discriminations. I am not bothered about religion, that is the truth, everybody is the same to me. Don’t let anyone deceive us with religion.”

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