20 years of sterling reign – HRH Thomas Ajadi Aipo by Adewuyi ADEGBITE

20 years of sterling reign – HRH Thomas Ajadi Aipo by Adewuyi ADEGBITE


It is heart warming to read that the Alaipo of Orile-Aipo in Oriire local government area of Oyo state, His Royal Highness Thomas Onaolapo Ajadi Aipo has clocked 20 years on the throne of his forebears. Alaipo was enthroned in May 2004. His father, His Highness Ajadi Aipo was a forthright man during his life time. He played significant role during the court case over the boundary dispute between the old Ogbomoso Native Authority and old Oyo Native Authority and later local governments. He was the rally point of the ”Alahoros” (People whose homesteads were deserted during the 19th century Fulani wars) in today’s Oriire local government, who threw their weight behind Ogbomoso Native Authority despite the fact that the area fell within Oyo jurisdiction at the time. The case went on to the Supreme Court where the case favoured the Ogbomoso section because majority of the Alahoros supported Ogbomoso. The court affirmed that each town in the area owns their lands.


Since coming to the throne likewise His Highness Thomas Ajadi Aipo has followed in the footsteps of his father and has been fighting for the good of Ogbomoso unity and the development of Aipo town. He has not made himself enemy of any section but a friend of all in his quest for unity and development of the entire Ogbomoso geo-political zone. Of recent, he led his chiefs on a courtesy visit to the Soun, Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye, Orumogege the third, at his palace in Oja Igbo. Since coming to the throne, Aipo has witnessed tremendous developments, this can be noticed in the expansion of the town. Some developments visible in the town today since he got on the stool of Aipo twenty years ago, include but not limited to opening of a quarry, a private secondary school His Highness established himself, churches, cashew processing industries, filling stations and so on. Also, the town is to host the proposed Ogbomoso University.


Alaipo is cosmopolitan and friendly. Until you have the opportunity to get close to him, his virtues would be hidden from you. I had the opportunity to move closer to him after having disagreement with him over certain position in my book, “Issues in Ogbomoso History.” After we reached a compromise, I have found in him a jolly good fellow. I know some of the fellow chiefs in the area have issues with him over boundary delimitation and that has been a subject of court thus I will not involve myself in it. I believe no one would want to lose his father’s heritage. Alaipo is a retired educationist – a principal for that matter, and I think that is a contributory factor to his giant strides as Alaipo. The foundation of an ultral-modern palace has been laid and under construction.


As the amiable traditional ruler clocks 20 on the throne of his forefathers, I pray that his reign would continue to witness peace and development, not only in Aipo but Oriire local government, Ogbomoso geo-political zone and Oyo state in general.


Happy celebration kabiyesi, long life and prosperity.


Adegbite is an author and public affairs analyst.


Editor’s note: The attention of the Editor is just called to the fact that Alaipo’s birthday is April 15 while the ascension anniversary is May 15. Nonetheless, the party can start now. Happy birthday Kabiyesi

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