Yoruba nation: The Rwandan example by Afolabi OLANIRAN

Yoruba nation: The Rwandan example by Afolabi OLANIRAN



The major problem affecting economic, social and political growth and development in Nigeria is corruption, a direct facilitator of injustice. Isolationism being canvassed by regional separatists is not the solution. Rwanda, a tiny country in the eastern part of Africa has a population of about 13.46 million comprising of the Hutus (about 85%) and the Tutsis (about14%). The country was once bedevilled with corruption resulting in apparent injustice against the Tutsis to the extent that the Tutsis contemplated separation. Paul Kagame came in as president, changed the narrative and installed sanity. Today, Rwanda has one of the best productive economies in Africa. The critical economic, social and political variables with which growth and development are measured and calibrated are solidly on the right trajectory. If we get the Yoruba nation today in the midst of corruption, the political change may not achieve the desired or anticipated economic and social objectives.


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