Time for an Ogbomoso academic to be LAUTECH VC

Time for an Ogbomoso academic to be LAUTECH VC




For 34 years of its existence, no indigene of Ogbomoso has been appointed the Vice Chancellor of the prestigious Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso. The only resemblance of occupation of the exalted office by an indigene is when the current VC Professor Rasak Olatunde Rom Kalilu was appointed in acting capacity in June 2023. None from the city has emerged as substantive VC in its history. It is not because the city is bereft of qualified candidates but it just did not happen, though some might adduce conspiratorial reason. One must however state that more than that Ogbomoso is ever grateful for being made the host of the institution. Contented with the benefits emanating from being host community her people never really bothered to ruffle feathers to occupy the post.


Meanwhile, it is time to appoint another (substantive) helmsman for this formidable forte of learning, the best state university in Nigeria and thus one of the best in the country. Feeling the pulse of the community this time around, there is a zealous craving for an indigene to emerge as substantive VC. If one considers the immense contributions of the people of the community to the development and persistent evolution of the institution, conceding the position to Ogbomoso at this time will not be out of place. Dozens of Ogbomoso people have channeled their wealth and resources to its growth while several others have leveraged on, and continued to take advantage of the positions they occupy at national and state levels and elsewhere to facilitate developmental projects in terms of amenities, equipment, facilities, lecture halls and so on, which all combine to make the citadel what it is today. Late Chief (Dr) Ladiji Abidemi Gbadamosi, late Alhaji Ibrahim Owodunni, Mr. Luther King, late Prince Abidoye Ayoola and several others I can’t readily recollect who are all indigenes have their imperishable footprints there today. Aside governments, Ogbomoso people are its greatest builders, though this is expected. But it must be asserted that the obsession Ogbomosos always have towards government-owned establishments domiciled in their domain is unsurpassable. Thus, granting this wish this time will be appropriate and a kind reward for excellent input they have been making from inception.


If it is based on merit the city boasts many capable hands that have excelled in academic, and as administrators. Professor Timothy Oyebode Olagbemiro, an indigene, vied for the post of LAUTECH VC in the past; he reportedly excelled above all in all parameters and processes but was denied. To demonstrate what he was capable of, he went on to serve as VC of Bowen University in Iwo for ten years and then Edwin Clark University, Kaigbodo in Delta state reached out to him to serve as pioneer VC. He served another two terms. By this feat, he probably is the longest serving Vice Chancellor ever in Nigeria, leaving strings of success stories and unbeatable legacies. Several other Ogbomoso academics have served elsewhere as VCs and have always given good accounts of themselves. And there are several others who are of finest qualities. This is because the people of the town are always inculcated during upbringing with the spirit that emphasizes bequeathing outstanding legacies and upholding the value of competence. Bravery is an attribute that runs in the city and so whoever is called to administer in any capacity brings this to bear in admirable version.


Professor Kalilu, the current Acting VC, and who is the first Ogbomoso person to occupy the position in acting capacity after 33 years, from reports, has been doing a yeoman’s job. “He is stabilizing the university after years of turbulence especially the one instigated before the severance of Osun state from the ownership structure,” a staffer posited. “He is the preference of many staff because of his tremendous accomplishments within a short time,” it was further stated. He is said to be leading with composure, with a sense of duty and with eye keenly fixed on creating enduring laudable legacies, which he is already charting. This is the hallmark of his tenure. He is unassuming, incorruptible, a goal-getter, unwavering in pursuit of goals and exceedingly visionary. He is a former Deputy Vice Chancellor in the same university and has held other sensitive and prominent positions with commendable exploits, so, if merit is the yardstick he is more than qualified and I am sure he will be in the top rank. He is purely an academic whose heart is divested of mundane things and illicit wealth accumulation. If he is invested in substantive capacity it is certain the university will witness a new wave of glory.  Like Kalilu there are many other excellent persons who will serve excellently well and attract goodwill.


An Ogbomoso person occupying that position at this time of the institution’s history will turn out the best because whoever it is have a heritage to protect, preserve and enlarge. That natural instinct of “ownership” is bound to propel the holder to great accomplishments (for the institution). The community will rally round the person in greater dimension for success. It will be a new channel to connect to the people of the community and stir them to make far greater contributions to its progress. A study of the histories of the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Bowen University Teaching Hospital (formerly Baptist Medical Centre), Federal Polytechnic, Ayede and even Bowen University in Iwo (because the university belongs to the Baptist, which is an heritage of Ogbomoso), will reveal all have unbelievable huge contributions to their developments from the people of Ogbomoso. So, if an Ogbomoso indigene deservedly assumes the position at this critical time in LAUTECH, it will be tripling the participation of his kinsmen in its expansion, and it will incontrovertibly be the beginning of a new epoch of growth and development.

Prof Kalilu

Ogbomoso people clamour earnestly for that new epoch because LAUTECH is their baby and are eager to nurture it more tenderly and lavishly with the singular aim of driving her to make more impact. The Visitor to the university, Governor Seyi Makinde, is a leader with a knack for identifying potentials and opportunities, I want to be sure he will spot this and make the right move and choice.

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  1. Ogbomoso truly deserved this exalted position of the Vice Chancellor of the University after 33 years of existence,however,the community should galvanised themselves together and reached out to the visitor to the University for the approval of the acting Vice Chancellor,who is an indegene of Ogbomoso to continue the good work he has initiated and started for continuity and stability. This would only happened ,with a collective will of the people,there should be no room for bickering, backstabbing and divisive tendencies and politics.All hands must be on deck towards the actualisation of this goal.May Ogbomoso continue to strive to greatness (amen).

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