News alert: Strange disease outbreak in Kaduna claims 5 lives – patients cry blood, cough blood 

News alert: Strange disease outbreak in Kaduna claims lives – patients cry blood, cough blood 



The Nigeria Army Referral Hospital, Kaduna (NARHK), has confirmed the death of three health workers and a patient within two days following the outbreak of a strange disease.


The army, in an internal correspondence dated 21 February said the three health workers were managing the patient at the hospital for the disease.


The memo, signed by SO Okoigi, a brigadier general, was addressed to the headquarters of the Nigerian Army Corps, Bonny Cantonment, Victory Island, Lagos.


“The Accident and Emergency (A&E) Dept of 44 NARHK has witnessed the loss of 3 members of staff and a patient in the last 48 hours with some in critical condition.


“They are suspected to have died from Acute Viral Hemorrhagic Fever (VHF). This followed the management of a patient with febrile illness thought to have been the index patient with the disease 10 days ago, having presented with a febrile illness”, the memo stated.


However, the Nigerian Army said there is no cause for residents to panic over the suspected outbreak of Lassa fever.


The Army’s spokesperson, Onyema Nwachukwu, in a statement, said the hospital facility has been disinfected, while immediate closure and evacuation of the Accident and Emergency ward of the hospital had been ordered.


Also ina press release by the Kaduna state government (KDSG) signed by Muhammad Lawal Shehu, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kaduna State, titled, “Suspected outbreak of Viral Hamorrhagic Fever (Lassa Fever) at the Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna,” it is stated, “The attention of the Kaduna State Government has been drawn to a suspected outbreak of Viral Hemorrhagic Fever popularly known as “Lassa Fever” at the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital located in the capital city of Kaduna.


“Governor Uba Sani on learning of this potentially dangerous outbreak directed the Kaduna State Ministry of Health on 20th February 2024, to immediately investigate and ascertain the situation at the health facility.


“Consequently, a surveillance team was promptly mobilized to assess the situation and containment measures were initiated alongside the hospital management.


“Lassa Fever, generally infects victims with the following symptoms – fever, general body weakness and after a few days, headache, sore throat, muscle pain, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, cough, and abdominal pain may follow.


“Currently, four deaths have been recorded all within the hospital premises while three other patients with similar symptoms are currently being managed.


“The Kaduna State Ministry of Health and management of 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, are working assiduously to contain the situation as all those who came in contact with those infected have been identified and are closely being monitored while receiving urgent medical treatment.


“Furthermore, samples have been carefully collected from contacts and sent for confirmation to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control laboratory and are closely being followed up.


“Additionally, all Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures have been instituted at the facility while it remains closed to the public,until full containment has been achieved.


“Members of the public are hereby advised to maintain proper food and environmental hygiene as they remain hyper vigilant to immediately report any suspected cases of Lassa Fever to the nearest health facility.


“Kaduna State Ministry of Health has further been directed to enhance surveillance across the state in collaboration with local government heath departments.


A message by an unnamed citizen obtained by from a WhatsApp platform also notes, “There is an outbreak of a deadly disease in kaduna, 44 hospital to be precise, it has claimed the life of about 6 staff including doctors nurses and cashier those that came in contact with the patient that came in with the strange ailment some are on admission.


“They have closed their emergency unit till further notice and they are carrying out serious fumigation.


“As at yesterday’s evening soldiers were not allowing people into the hospital


“They said patients cries blood, coughs blood before dying. That it attacks the liver and kidney and makes the patient not to stay hydrated.


“They don’t know what it is yet, samples of bloods, siliver has been taking for research. Some medical personnel said that, it might be a variant of COVID 19 while they also feels it might be denge or lassa fever.


“Please lets be very careful as we interact with people. We should try and observe social distancing within kaduna. Nobody knows the extent it might have spread. Lets remember our covid 19 safety protocols.”

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