Pastor Henry Newman (PHN) congratulates Tulcan Energy boss Dr Tayo Adiatu on birthday

Pastor Henry Newman (PHN) congratulates Tulcan Energy boss Dr Tayo Adiatu on birthday


We come across many people as we glide through this terrestrial plane but only few of those we meet are really worth being held in adoration in view of the larger than life image they have built up in terms of the beauty of success they portray and more so, their simplicity, which make them accessible for lifting of people’s plight.


I put Dr Tayo Adeyemi Adiatu in this category. Dr Adiatu, a lovable Prince of Iwo, Osun state, but born, bred and hewn in Ogbomoso, is a young talented man, a brother, who though had fair opportunity at birth having hailed from a family that had modest success in view of his father’s accomplishments – the redoubtable Prince G.A. Adiatu, who was among the founders of the first generation private hospitals in Ogbomoso and earned the right to get a popular area named after him – Tayo Adiatu has no doubt thrust expansively the frontiers of success nicked by his father and now sits at the zenith of success himself as founder and chairman of Tulcan Energy Resources Ltd, an international conglomerate.


Today, Monday, February 19, is his birthday and that is why l have delved briefly into his life. He is a correct “younger” brother l have known since when we were growing up at Takie. I congratulate him on this occasion of his birth anniversary. I pray his life will continue to witness growth in all ramifications. His coast will further be expanded in glory.


I must state meanwhile that l am not surprised by his accomplishments for he has always demonstrated keen foresighted-ness, astuteness and hunger for achievements.


On behalf of my family, l am pleased to rejoice with him on this auspicious occasion of his birth anniversary.


Dr Tayo Adiatu, you are a fountain spurting forth water of kindness, for many have been beneficiaries of this, having drunk from this fountain. You don’t look down on people but look to raise them up. That’s a godly character bestowed upon you.


May your glory never withers in Jesus name. Long life and more robust prosperity l wish you. May you continually enjoy good health. That is your portion in Jesus name.

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