Alaipo leads chiefs, royals to pay historic visit to Soun – ‘You have aura of success’

Alaipo leads chiefs, royals to pay historic visit to Soun – ‘You have aura of success’



Soun Oba Orumogege III with Oloyede IV

The Alaipo of Orile-Aipo in Oriire local government area of Oyo state, HRH Oba Thomas Onaolapo Ajadi Oloyede IV JP, Tuesday led his chiefs, representatives of various communities in Orile-Aipo and members of Aipo royal family to pay a historic courtesy visit to the Soun of Ogbomosoland Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III in his palace at Oja’gbo.


The visit was historic because after about twenty years of being installed as Alaipo of Orile-Aipo, Tuesday’s visit was the first made by such powerful delegation from Aipo, a prominent town among the Alahoro group of communities.


Alaipo congratulated Oba Olaoye on his ascension to the throne of his forebears disclosing Aipo indigenes prayed earnestly for his success during his struggle to be Soun.

Oba Ajadi who was installed in May 2004, said further, “We are enamoured with Your Majesty. You carry the aura of success and evince a can-do spirit. It is part of why we have come to show solidarity.


“Your predecessors played the role thrust to them exceedingly well in many aspects, it is our prayer you will excel in greater dimensions where they excelled. You can count on us in the task to reignite the glory of Ogbomoso zone and we are convinced Your Majesty will foster unity and progress.”


The Alaipo, a retired school principal, also dwelled briefly on the history of Aipo.


“Aipo ancestral home is in today’s Oriire local government. Our forefathers relocated to Ogbomoso during the 19th century when wars especially the fierce Fulani invasions were widespread in Yorubaland.


”The intra- and intertribal wars was a cause for apprehension making many communities around Ogbomoso to congregate in the town to form a formidable defense league against the rampaging Fulani army driven by imperialistic ambition.


“That made us and others joined the Ogbomoso confederacy which succeeded in warding off the invaders. After peace returned we went back to our ancestral homestead which we found out had been left desolate and in ruins by the invaders.

Departing the palace

“The marauders inflicted arson and destructions when they found out the towns had been deserted by their inhabitants.


“Our fathers returned to meet desolate towns (ahoro), hence the term ahoro was used to describe them and the rulers formed a league known as Alahoros – Owners of desolate towns. But they rebuilt their communities and constitute important group in Oriire today.”


These Alahoros who include the rulers of Aipo, Ajinapa, Obamo, Esinele, Dada, Iluju, Maya, Fedegbo, Ladokun (Amura), Saamo and a host of others, according to His Highness, constitute 90 percent of Oriire local government today with the Oyos and Ilorins forming the remaining 10 percent.


Oba Ajadi also informed that his father, Alaipo Samuel Oladele Oyediran Ajadi Aipo, who was the 6th Alaipo (he is the 8th) served as chairman of the Alahoros which made him play significant role in the victory attained by Ogbomoso in the boundary dispute between Ogbomoso and Oyo.


“My father stood like a Rock of Gilbratar in support of Ogbomoso during the boundary dispute between Ogbomoso and Oyo. I want to assure we will continue to cooperate with Ogbomoso.”

Aipo compound at Ita Oloola in Ogbomoso metropolis

In his remark, the Soun expressed joy at the visit soliciting their cooperation in his vison to make Ogbomoso zone a model one.


“I am happy to receive you. I will need your cooperation in our vision to develop this zone and make it a model. I will coopt you in the task.”


He added, “We will strengthen the link with the Oriire Obas to move Ogbomosoland forward. You are most welcome.”


In the entourage of the Alaipo are the members of the Alaipo-in-Council including the Balogun, High Chief Timothy Adeniran Ajamu; Areago Alaipo, High Chief John Oladejo Olaniyi; Bara, Chief Emmanuel Adegboyega Olaniyi and the Iyalode Chief Odediran.


Also in the delegation are Mogaji Igede community in Orile-Aipo, Chief Agee; the Iyaloja Chief Felicia Olaniyi; while Pastor Samuel Oladejo Jekayinfa, Prince Moses Ayoola Ajadi, Prince Amos Isola and a host of others represented the royal family.

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