Re: Saudi Arabia opens liquor store

Re: Saudi Arabia opens liquor store



This is a commendable step towards presenting Islam as a religion that upholds tolerance and progressive values. Despite potential criticism from extremist factions within the Islamic community, Saudi Arabia – the epicenter of Islam worldwide – stands by this innovative approach. This underscores the maxim that it is essential to understand Islam before forming opinions on Muslims. The behavior of certain fanatics often contradicts core Islamic principles and teachings. As Prophet Mohammed preached about being kind to one’s neighbours, so too does Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic policy promotes comfort for foreign dignitaries, even allowing them to consume alcohol if they so choose. However, such privileges should not be abused or seen as exclusive to Muslims but rather inclusive for all individuals regardless of their faith background. Maa Salam!
Adewuyi, an Alhaji, sends this piece via 08130851574

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