Ogbomoso 132kv: Power Minister, extricate this ‘peculiar mess’ once and for all

Ogbomoso 132kv: Power Minister, extricate this ‘peculiar mess’ once and for all




The promise of the Nigeria’s Power Minister, Adebayo Adelabu, to ensure completion of the Ogbomoso 132kv power substation project in 4 months’ time is a cheering news to the people of Ogbomoso especially.


The promise made during a working visit to Ogbomoso on Monday at the palace of the Soun Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye which he made us understand was in fulfilment of his earlier assurance to the monarch to return his visit to him in Abuja is believed is not another fluke.


The community is thirsty of development and having a stable electricity supply is sine qua non to this. Presently, the state of electricity supply to the city is unacceptably poor. For days, supply might be cut off which is a put off to investments. It has become a “peculiar mess,” (apology to his illustrious grandfather late Chief Hon Adegoke Adelabu a.k.a. Penkelemesi), which if he helps to remove or extricate will endear him greatly to the people of the community.

Assurances such as that inundated us in the past but which bore no fruits. But coming from him, and in view of his brilliance, knack for accomplishments and his antecedent gives ray of hope that it is for real this time.


The project started over 15 years ago, but has dragged interminably triggering unending disappointment. Ogbomoso people look forward to him waving his magic wand.


The revered Soun visiting him at Abuja to solicit his assistance on the project underscores its importance to the people of Ogbomoso. It’s hoped he will accord respect to the monarch and get the”penkelemesi” removed once and for all to his eternal glory. It’s obvious the project is over 95% completed, he should just activate the remaining work.


Fulfilling the promise will certainly engender an enduring ‘friendship’ between him and Ogbomoso people who have the reputation of standing by their helpers.

Former Minister Sunday Dare also visited the site last year with promise to get it completed “soon.”

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