I‘m ready to work with Soun, Onisapa says, canvases cordiality among Obas

Image caption: Onisapa Oba Olajide I

I‘m ready to work with Soun, Onisapa says, canvases cordiality among Obas

Jeremiah OYELEKE

The newly installed Onisapa of Isapa in Ogbomoso South local government, His Royal Majesty Oba Bolarinwa Ezekiel Olajide, Olajide I, has stated that he would maintain the status quo in terms of cordial relationship that existed between Soun of Ogbomoso and Onisapa of Isapa from the beginning while urging cooperation among traditional rulers in the zone.

Oba Olajide I made this disclosure Monday during an interview with ogbomosoinsightonline.com at his palace.

The monarch noted he would forge ahead in toeing the path of his predecessor late Oba Buraimoh Amodu Akinsowon III, whom he said related well with the late Soun, Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III, stressing an atmosphere of discord stunts growth and development.

“The late Soun Oba Oladunni Oyewumi and the late Onisapa Oba Buraimoh Amodu had a cordial relationship and I am ready to maintain it and cooperate and work with the new Soun in this journey.

“In addition, I am ready to cooperate with all Obas in Ogbomoso zone for development, we should eschew bickering though everyone is trying to protect his stool from undue onslaught, it should be understood in that light. There is nothing to gain from in-fighting except to draw back progress; so, peace is paramount. Therefore, I am willing to cooperate with everyone.”

The produce merchant trading in cashew nut and cocoa and who disclosed he was formerly a politician recalled eight princes contested with him, all from Oniseokun ruling house, one of the three ruling houses of Isapa ruling dynasty, lauded the efforts of his predecessor late Oba Akinsowon III whom he said uplifted not only the stool of Isapa but also made significant contributions to Isapa area.


“May God rest the soul of the immediate past Onisapa, I thank him for his efforts in the upgrade of the status of Isapa stool. The traditional headship of Isapa began as baale (family head), got upgraded to baale (overlord) but during his time it became a crown-wearing Oba,” he said.

Asserting Isapa is an integral part of Ogbomoso, whose histories are interwoven on the basis of being among the earliest settlers and founders of Ogbomoso and members of the Alongo society with other members as Aale, Ohunsile, Orisatolu (that is Isapa), Akandie and Ogunlola, Oba Olajide reiterated the late Onisapa. Akinsowon III “really tried for the stool; he paved the way for the issuance of staff of office to the Onisapa chieftaincy, and the chieftaincy is now a crown-wearing Oba.”

He stressed late Onisapa also facilitated the crafting of the Isapa Chieftaincy Declaration, which he says, “helps to preserve the sanctity of our chieftaincy. It also precluded controversy in the process of selection of a new Onisapa.”

“Of all the chieftaincies recently filled in Ogbomoso I am proud to say only ours unfolded in a peaceful atmosphere, in fact, all of us who vied for the position cooperate till today. After Oniseokun it will be the turn of Efonsola, there won’t be desperate attempts from other quarters. It is a result of our late father’s accomplishments. The system is sanitized, thanks to him. So, we won’t have a situation where non-family members will hijack the throne, only princes from the ruling house whose turn it is to produce Onisapa will contest . We have a declaration and gazette.”

The monarch, a former councilor, is buoyed by many visions for his kingdom including preservation of peace within the Onisapa family and further expanding the status of the stool. “Yes, I am ready to continue from where my predecessor stopped. I will continue to maintain peace in the family and further uplift the throne of Isapa,” as he declared he would like governments at different levels and politicians to make positive interventions in the development of his domain.
“I was a councilor between 2007 and 2010 in Ogbomoso South local government when Prince Felix Akande was council chairman. So, I hope to leverage on my knowledge and experience in politics. Senator Fatai Buhari has sent people to congratulate me so also Hon Lamiju Alao-Akala. And when they came we solicited their support for the growth of my domain, we pleaded with them to do something they can point at in our area. May God help them to assist us.”

Late Onisapa Oba Buraimoh Amodu Akinsowon III

He also listed the popular Araada market as a trading centre he would like be upgraded with provisions of facilities that will enhance trading activities. He said, “We want to upgrade it, we want our politicians to assist with provision of projects, there is no project executed by politicians in the market presently like toilet, police/Amotekun post, solar lighting, it is a big market that cannot be ignored in the whole of Oyo state. We have said we are against roadside display of wares, so, we have directed they all relocate inside the main market. So, we appeal to government and politicians to assist the market one way or the other to make trading activities easier therein.”
Oba Olajide speaking on land disputes prevalent in this area argued theirs is provoked by descendants of the people “our ancestors leased land to and now they do not want to relinquish them. You know, I said Isapa is a foundation settlement in Ogbomoso and so we had access to and possess vast areas of land from which our fathers leased out, out of kindness but the beneficiaries are refusing to vacate the land now.That is why we have court cases on land presently. Nonetheless, history affirms our ownership, we leave the court to decide.”

The monarch now sent words of appreciation to the people who facilitated his emergence. “Firstly, I thank the family of Isapa, and my co-contestants, they all contributed to making it so. Secondly, I thank all the Mogajis and all members of Isapa ruling families. I must not forget to thank Governor Seyi Makinde, you know the journey took about three years, His Excellency refused to allow manipulation of the name submitted, it was not altered.

“I also thank the Commissioner for Local Governments and Chieftaincy Matters, and his Director.Very importantly, I also thank Bishop Moradeyo, the Bishop of the Methodist Cathedral Arowomole, Ogbomoso. Furthermore, Hon Sanjo Adedoyin, and the chairman of the local government for being able to resist undue pressure to manipulate the process.

Prince Raheem Amodu

“There are many who made it possible, I can’t mention all, but let me also mention Prince Raheem Amodu, an oil magnate, he gave me total support. I am the first from Olajide lineage to ascend to the throne whereas some other lineages had produced two, three. But all these people made the truth to prevail. I as well thank my pastor, Rev’d Hezekiah Olaniran of Gaa Lagbedu Baptist Church for his prayers and support.”

On a final note the Oba, whose coronation date is yet to be fixed, offered pieces of advice for the family, “God has done for us what we desire, what we need to focus on now is to continue to pray for the king and offer him wise counsels, and so, I want the cooperation and prayers of all for the success and progress of this throne and our domain.”

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