Doctor slams Nigerians over use of nose mask, says only the diseased should use it As FOGSU trains 150 students on skill acquisition.

Doctor slams Nigerians over use of nose mask, says only the diseased should use it
As FOGSU trains 150 students on skill acquisition
150 secondary school students and youths of Ogbomoso have undergone skill acquisition training organized by the Federation of Ogbomoso Students Union (FOGSU).
The students and youths drawn from across the five local governments in Ogbomoso were subsequently given certificates after the training programme.
The beneficiaries were trained on computer operation, cream production, disinfectants production, soap making, grasscutter production, fishery, rabbitry etc.
The training came up at the Pivotal Centre at Owode Area and lasted two weeks. It was held in conjunctions with the 4:11 Diplomacy Int’l Logistics.
Other partners were Ogbomoso Pivotal Club, Onirese House Foundation, Ogbomoso Youth Togetherness and Ogbomoso Smoon Group.
The presentation of certificates to the beneficiaries which also featured health talk, lecture, products’ exhibition, presentation by Ogbomoso Free Drug Club of FOGSU, was held two weeks ago at the Pivotal Centre.
Delivering a lecture on the topic, “Leveraging the youths on social media as an entrepreneur,” Town Planner Dotun Morakinyo noted that because the social media connects millions of people around the world an entrepreneur ought to put the technology to good use towards promoting his business.
TPL Morakinyo identifying Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc as social mediums that can be leveraged on, unveiled steps that could be taken to gain a presence in the social media as having a global mindset, creating a business name i.e. a personal brand and registering social media account “thus a Smartphone is a necessity in this wise.”
He concludes by saying that “Business takes time to grow and stabilize, and so, don’t be in haste and do not despise the day of little beginning.”
Also, Dr. Olukunle Ajagbe, CMD of Emmanuel Hospital, Aguodo, Ogbomoso and the initiator of Onirese House Foundation, speaking on the topic, “The current global situation and the way forward,” charged that people should take precautionary measures against the many diseases ravaging the world just as he stressed that aside the novel coronavirus disease there were other diseases that have no cure and are only being managed.
He however frowned that Nigeria is allowing coronavirus to damage its economy by the lockdowns saying viruses have no cure and that lockdowns alone will not ease its ravages unless people abide by personal hygiene and by the precautionary measures announced by various authorities on diseases control.
“Coronavirus pandemic has been ravaging societies but if we put such things as avoidance of overcrowding in place we will put a check to it. Also, we should take good personal hygiene serious.
“However, we must not allow coronavirus to ravage our economy, it is not worth it. Viruses have no cure, the only measure is to boost our immune system and reduce their effects in our body system.
“If we feel until a cure is found that we will ease lockdowns we will be deceiving ourselves. Viral diseases that were with us before have no cure yet, but we should not panic, we should abide by precautionary measures such as avoiding overcrowding, observing social distancing of 2m apart etc.
“And to help the economy of the nation and prevent the spread of the disease we must help ourselves. We should be equipped with the rightful knowledge.”
Dr Ajagbe also observed that many use the nose mask wrongly positing that only the diseased ought to be using nose mask.
He added that malaria has killed more than 3 times people killed by coronavirus disputing the number being bandied as killed by the coroviirus.
“Nose mask is being used wrongly, only the infected persons ought to be using the nose mask but everyone is using it. If we observe all the precautionary measures we will not be affected, we should feel free to go out.
“Malaria has killed 3 times more of people said to have been killed by coronavirus. The number being given as those killed by coronavirus is manipulated, it is not true, coronaviirus did not kill all of them, there are other diseases killing the people and not coronavisus alone.”

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