Guinness World Records issues first reaction to Chef Tope’s 200hr cook-a-thon attempt

Guinness World Records issues first reaction to Chef Tope’s 200hr cook-a-thon attempt




The Guinness World Records (GWR) Thursday confirms it received the evidence submitted by Tope Maggie whose real name is Temitope Ayodeji Adebayo, the Nigerian chef who completed a 200hour cooking marathon in Ogbomoso, Oyo state on November 18. reported Thursday Chef Tope successfully sent evidence of his attempt to break the GWR cooking marathon record of 119 hours 57 minutes set by Irishman Alan Fisher in October 2023.

Shortly after the evidence was dispatched the body sent a reply to the team confirming receipt and assurance of quick verification by its records manager.


GWR further stated the chef would be communicated in earnest if his record is approved and presented a certificate as the record holder in GWR cook-a-thon category, however submitting in the case of non-approval that it would communicate the chef.

“We are writing to you to confirm that your evidence for the record Longest cooking marathon (individual) has been received and has now been assigned to the correct Records Manager who will make a full assessment.

“If the record is approved you will receive an email of confirmation and will be eligible for a complimentary Record Holder Certificate. If we need further details from you or we are unable to approve the record we will contact you by email.”

Appreciating the effort of Chef Tope GWR said the verification would be thoroughly done nonetheless disclosing the minimum period of assessment is three months.

“We appreciate that you are eager to receive feedback on your claim and can assure you that we will be back in touch as soon as possible. Every record attempt is assessed in detail by a Records Manager who will review each piece of evidence you have sent in.

The reply by GWR

“Due to the vast quantity of applications we receive, standard applications are reviewed within 12 weeks (3 months) of receipt of evidence. If you have purchased a Business Solution the timelines may be different.”

It however informed a fast-tracked review process lasting five days instead of three months could be opted for but would attract charges.

“If you require an urgent assessment, and you have not already done so you can log in online and select Upgrade to Priority Evidence Review, this is a paid service to speed up your evidence review. If you choose this service your evidence will be reviewed within 5 working days.”

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