A plea for inclusion of cultural festival in Soun’s coronation activities

A plea for inclusion of cultural festival in Soun’s coronation activities




I have followed with keen interest the events leading to the coronation of the new Ogbomoso monarch Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III, the Soun.


The prospect of formalizing his enthronement via presentation of instruments of office by the Oyo state government should fill every Ogbomoso son and daughter and lovers of the city with joy.


Oba Olaoye Orumogege III is a beloved monarch as has been shown by outpouring of positive emotions since his selection, ratification by government, installation by kingmakers, reign and court outcomes.


Schedule of activities for His Majesty’s coronation slated for December 2023 seeping into public domain prompted this piece. Ogbomoso being a cultural city, articulation and promotion of Yoruba culture ought to be an integral part of the 6-day event. It should not be tilted to favour elitist tendency solely, cultural programmes should be incorporated to make it all encompassing.

Cultural activities as in festival day should be infused which will feature performances and processions by Egunguns, hunters guilds, warriors’ dances, artistic displays, a stand for projection of that timeless movie – Ogbori Elemoso – and other interesting activities that will make the event all inclusive as well as memorable.


Such a festival in an evening can be held outside the palace ground with the entire road encircling the palace as the theatre, with spectators lining up the circumference .


Aside showcasing our rich cultural values it will attract touristts to the community, the cultural buffs, and boost people’s income. The excitement will be unlimited. We should be proud to showcase our cultural heritage – performances by Egunguns such as Ajomogbodo, Baba Lugbon, Danafojura, Lobanika, Alabebes, Orebes, Kindin and so on, processions by Ifa and Osun adherents etc, Ijala Ode’s stands and others – will definitely enliven the historical event. Every spectrum of the society should be taken into consideration and have everyone’s interest weaved into the planning.


This, l want the planning committee to look into, weaned of religious and elitist prejudices. We are Ogbomoso!


I wish Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III a successful coronation programme and reign. The planning committee l pray will be granted the wisdom, tolerance and wherewithal to stage a laudable event that will make them receive pat in the back. And also importantly, l pray it will be an event that will engender greater unity and turn out to be a turning point for greater development of our community.


I must also thank the Oyo state government especially the governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, for making the event possible.


Ogbomoso a gbe wa o!


George is a columnist with The Insight (the print version of this medium).

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