Aaje Ogbomoso ravaged by rainstorms, hundreds rendered homeless

Aaje ravaged by rainstorms, hundreds rendered homeless




Aaje homestead a.k.a. Ologo in the outskirts of Ogbomoso Tuesday was hit by ravaging rainstorms which rendered hundreds of inhabitants homeless.


Many houses and shops in the community had their roofs blown off by the winds that accompanied the rain which was said to have begun at about 8pm just as fences of houses including that of the palace of factional Alaaje, HRH Reuben Adesina Amao (dss rtd) were affected.


“But we thank God no lives were lost,” HRH Amao who said he was at Lagos told ogbomosoinsightonlinem.com on phone.

HRH Reuben Adesina Amao

He however appealed to governments (Oyo and Ogbomoso North), National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), good Samaritans and other people of goodwill to assist the community.


“We also appeal to our king Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye Orumogege III, to come to our aid in whatever capacity despite the fact we know he has much he is attending to,” Adesina added.


“We also seek assistance from our friends in the larger Ogbomoso city, in Abuja, Kaduna, Ibadan, Lagos and from sons and daughters of Aaje, Aaje descendants all over the world.


“This is the time for us to be our brothers’ keepers in accordance with our good custom and culture. This is a time of need for us.”

Part of the fence of the Aaje palace

Alaaje who disclosed he immediately made arrangements to return after being informed of the disaster made known some interventions he already made which included finding alternative accomodations for the victims.


“We are making arrangements to house the victims in temporary places. Some will be accomodated in the palace hall and in the palace empty shops. In fact, l am rushing down home because of the disaster.

“We would have used the primary school but it is in dilapidated condition and not safe. We thank God there was no injury or loss of lives.”


The Alaaje is also making plans to personally offer financial assistance to the victims the chairman of the Aaje chieftaincy family Prince Sunday Adegoke later informed Ogbomoso Insight.

Part of the palace building also sightly affected

Adegoke also solicited help from various quarters lamenting the losses were enormous ”in this time of high cost of living.”

Adegoke,grieved by the disaster


Recall Ogbomoso metropolis and Ajaawa community (headquarters of Ogo-Oluwa local government) also in Ogbomoso zone were also ravaged by rainstorms in recent times. But no help has come to the victims from anywhere.

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