LAUTECH agric faculty: Confusion, apprehension as students return with damning report

LAUTECH agric faculty: Confusion, apprehension as students return with damning report


Date for assumption of academic activities at the Iseyin Campus of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo state, is gradually drawing close.

However, students who are are expected to proceed to resume the second semester of the current academic session there have painted a frightening picture and are seized by apprehension over report brought back by a team of students who visited the college Friday in company with some management members including the Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Olatunde Rom Kalilu and the Provost of the College Professor Jacob Gbamiga Adewale. “Our representatives visited the campus together with the university management. We were informed that the campus facilities are nice with beautiful environment,” one of the students’ representatives who however preferred anonymity told

The students remarked the complex was indeed “nice” but that they were barred from taking photographs or making video recording “for God knows why.”

“Our reps were denied taking pictures and making videos,” it was alleged. “They want to force us there to achieve someone’s personal agenda.”

Another student stated, “From what was reported it is not possible, that place cannot accommodate us, the facilities are small to accommodate our population. Furthermore, the hostel accommodation is going to be a challenge.


“The environment is not conducive. Transportation cost is astronomical due to the far distance of the campus to residential areas which are mud houses without water and toilets; we envisage security challenge in this era of kidnapping, also, there is going to be economic hardship, we just paid for house rent in Ogbomoso. Our parents can’t afford the sudden expenses. The notice is too sudden. It can’t just work, they are forcing us into this venture because they see us as young and weak. It is breach of contract. Our admission letters read LAUTECH Ogbomoso and not LAUTECH Iseyin.”

The perplexed students offer “viable options” and suggestions, “The university management should move a faculty with sizeable population that is commensurate with the available campus facilities, that will also grow with the Iseyin population over time.”

They further aver, “The university should start Iseyin campus with new admission, such that their admission letters will read LAUTECH, Iseyin so as to avert similar contest from students. New programmes like courses not in the permanent site can be begun there or institutes of agriculture as advised or both.”

Some members of the management are also alleged of manipulating the system for selfish agenda and due to financial inducement. “That is what our investigations have shown. Some people somewhere want the relocation at all costs and had paid some individuals who are driving the process for their personal agenda.

“When they attended universities for their own first degrees were they subjected to such vagaries and confusion? Why are they subjecting us to such? It is insensitivity. We appealed, we begged, we pleaded, we canvassed, all to no avail. Shouldn’t elders listen to their children? We expected the governor to have addressed the situation but we have not heard anything from him.. Why ignoring our feelings?

“Life is not static, we are future leaders. The management should take time to investigate themselves, we guess some people were paid for this relocation agenda, who are misinforming the governor and manipulating the system. They are just toying with our future, playing kites with our lives. We still plead with the governor to pursue other options which have been well highlighted.”

Asked to expatiate on the allegation of some vested interests behind the relocation agenda, the student submitted, “Yes, that is what we heard, some people were paid to see to its execution. But we will not mention names now. The arrowhead of the relocation agenda has arrogated all powers to himself, he is even above the Vice Chancellor. The school management cannot counteract him, they are afraid of backlash, he has become so powerful. He gives order without carrying even the lecturers in the faculty along, we heard. It is unfortunate,” the students alleged.

The students claim they are “crying” over the disruption being imposed on them. “Our lecturers are deeply crying too, we heard.”

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