LAUTECH: Sources expose two powerful DONS behind proposed relocation of agric faculty to Iseyin

LAUTECH: Sources expose two powerful DONS behind proposed relocation of agric faculty to Iseyin


Sources within Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso, Oyo state, have named two lecturers in the faculty of agricultural sciences who allegedly are behind the move to relocate the faculty to Iseyin in Oke-Ogun axis of the state.

Governor Makinde

It is recalled that the news of the relocation of the whole faculty of agricultural sciences was first brokered early this year which was said would be done in phases with the students in the 200 level reportedly slated for movement in the first phase.

However, stiff resistance has greeted the plan from among the students, parents, lecturers and indigenes of the host community.

Students have on three occasions embarked on protests against the move just as open letters have been written to the state governor Seyi Makinde to appeal to him to reconsider the decision citing various reasons such as insecurity concern, disruption of their academic programmes, extra expenses on accomodation among others.


Other segments canvassing against the movement similarly gave different reasons why it is undesirable.

Nevertheless, there are forces said to be behind the scene working surreptitiously and strenuously to bring the project to pass.

“I want to confirm to you there is more than meet the eyes on the matter, there is a powerful cabal pursuing a notorious agenda against Ogbomoso,” a lecturer in the institution who however pleaded anonymity for obvious reasons informed

“It is an evil agenda to achieve two goals – one for the selfish interest of heading the proposed college; two, to lay the foundation of scattering LAUTECH. Some interests are still offended by the institution being located in Ogbomoso moreover since it is now solely owned by Oyo state.”

This allegation corroborated by other sources noted the two “dons” (names withheld) are desperate to actualize the goal and are adamant. “They want to head the safelite campus in the capacities of provost and deputy provost.”


The sources revealed they were the ones driving the mission and trying to commit the state governor to the project.
It was even learnt that these two “professors” in the faculty of agric are in the process of constituting the implementation committee that will work out the modlality for the relocation of 200level students in September.
“They will not relent, they are adamant. They are driven by parochial interest for position and by a sinister agenda to begin the balkanization of the institution,” it is added.

“The governor is educated he listens to and understands logical explanations. He knows the rule of thumb, where there is insecurity problem or pandemic people should stay where they are.
“In addition the NUC (National Universities Commission) only knows faculty of agric Ogbomoso because that is where they carried out their verification exercise. How logical and workable is it having lecturers shuttle between Ogbomoso and Iseyin to teach every day can best be imagined, it is easier said than done.

“What of the multi-million naira facilities in Ogbomoso put in place by partners and the institution for research and teaching, what becomes of them? It is just not logical.”

In the meantime students and some youth have scathing remarks for the prominent sons and daughters of Ogbomoso whom they accused of nonchalant attitude or perhaps intimidated by the governor.
“How do you explain it? They want to excise something valuable from your town and you can’t talk. The only one that talked canvassed for its excision obviously to curry favour from the governor.

“They all keep quiet l will say cringing in fear as if the governor will imprison them or stop their meals if they jaw-jaw with him.

“The governor is a logical person he has veins running in him he succumbs to superior arguments. We have several socio-cultural organizations none is bold enough to talk. They are now saying they want to establish a university. The one they already have they are not protecting it, they neglect it,” Adeleke Orisatolu, noted in a WhatsApp message to

A lecturer who spoke anonymously also said, “It is prohibited by the statute of the university what is being proposed.
“You can have a multi-campus university but the visitor is not empowered to remove or excise an existing faculty, he can only establish another one elsewhere.”

Continuing the don opined, “Another alternative is to copy the model of IAR&T (Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Moor Plantation, Ibadan). IAR&T is an affiliation of the OAU (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife).
“When it was started they didn’t relocate the faculty of agriculture from Ife they instead established an institute of agricultural research and training in Ibadan. That model can be adopted in this circumstances if an agricultural-oriented institution must be sited in Iseyin.”

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