Ogbomoso: Egungun festival begins July 12, Olukotun, Danafojura, Ajomogbodo, others warm up

Ogbomoso: Egungun festival begins July 12, Olukotun, Danafojura, Ajomogbodo, others warm up


The 2023 Egungun festival in Ogbomoso will commence July 12 with the usual trailblazing outing by Olukotun.

The date was confirmed Monday (June 26) after a traditional display by the Egungun masqueraders at the residence of High Chief Sobalaje Otolorin, the Areago of Ogbomoso, who is the interim head of the Soun-in-Council.


The performance usually held at Abata section of the Ogbomoso palace was hosted by the Areago as a result of the vacnacy in the throne of Soun.

Chief Ifatona Sunday Akinyemi chairman of Egungun Society in Ogbomoso informing ogbomosoinsightonline.com various Egungun masqueraders displayed at Areago residence Monday, confirmed July 12 was picked

Awodagbese in its lair (2022)

Warning against thuggery and violence usually associated with the festival he blamed miscreants for the disturbances in recent years which led to killings.

“These miscreants are the culprits, not Egunguns, those area boys who are idlers and sit at junctions usually are the formenters of troubles. But we had warned our members to avoid altercations with them and resist being lured into street fights.”

Eegun Adifala

Olukotun in line with tradition will perform in the evening of Wednesday, July 12 in the vicinity of its residence at Okelerin.

The festival which is expected to last one and a half weeks ending Sunday, July 23, will have other Egunguns like Danafojura (Alakasu), Ajomogbodo, Baba Lugbon and others taking part on different days.

Danafojura performed for late Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade 111 Soun of Ogbomosoland in 2021

Awodagbese (Eegun Nla), which after years of dormancy until 2022 would however not perform this year as it has a tradition of hitting the street every other year.

Egunguns like Kongba (Oroko), Lembeleri, Lobanika, Paje and a few others have been rested for lack of a masquerader either due to inadequate knowledge of rituals involved or attachment to Christian and Islamic faith by members of the custodial families.

These Egunguns were sources of entertainment and excitement in the past due to their unique features.


Danafojura the fire Egungun it is learnt meanwhile will have its outing on Wednesday July 19.



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