NEWS UPDATE: Body of drowned Ogbomoso student recovered (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Body of drowned Ogbomoso secondary school student recovered (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


The body of the SS II student whose identity has been given as Alade drowned alongside a local security operative Rotimi Adigun a.k.a. Bintin has finally been recovered from the Ora river.

Alade was reportedly recovered by traditionalists Wednesday evening (May 17) after his body appeared on the water surface.

It is recalled the boy allegedly a truant was pursued by Bintin who was Ogbomoso South coordinator of Nigeria Hunters and Forestry Security Services, NHFSS, into the Ora river Tuesday which meandered through the back of the boy’s school at Sunsun area leading to the duo getting drowned.

After the river was propitiated by Osun priests Bintin’s body believably floated to the surface of the water in the early hours of Wednesday following which fire brigade operatives and a combined team of security agents retrieved his body watched by a large spectator. learnt further appeasement of the river was made in accordance with the belief of the Yoruba following which the boy’s also floated to the water surface leading to its recovery as well.

“Ordinarily a drowned corpse will float to the water surface after three days,” Comrade Babatunde Alabede, commander of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) in Ogbomoso told

“But if sacrifices are offered by traditionalists this process is hastened as the water spirits will push up the body,” he added.

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