Confirmed, Bintin dead, corpse recovered holding red cane see photos

Confirmed, Bintin dead, corpse recovered holding red cane see photos

Khalid ABRAHAM can now confirm that Rotmi Adigun popularly known as Bintin is dead.


His corpse was recovered moments ago from a pool along the course of the river (Ora river) stoned dead but still holding a red cane with which he lashed erring students. However that of the student he allegedly pursued into the river was not recovered.

The action was performed by fire brigade men assisted by a combined team of policemen, soldiers and civil defence officers.

The tragic incident occured at Sunsun area behind the Baptist Beulah Centre of the Ogbomoso Baptist Conference. earlier reported that Bintin who was Ogbomoso South commander of the Nigeria Hunter and Forestry Security Services (NHFSS) got drowned as he jumped after a student he was pursuing into a river. They allegedly disappeared into the river with the belief that the two were already drowned.

After frantic search and they could not be found Osun priests were invited to perform certain sacrifices so that the river could throw up the bodies.

His relentless ‘Keep students in school’ expeditions will long be remembered. He was feared by students who went out of line, loitered about and who generally constituted nuisance in and around secondary schools in Ogbomoso.

Principals and teachers had his phone numbers and a call to him seeking his assistance in apprehending students who formented trouble he quickly responded to with his boys.

“He was effective in this mission he voluntarily took upon himself, students cringed at the mention of his name, he will be sorely missed. May God comfort his family,” a teacher who spoke under conditions of anonymity disclosed.

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