BREAKING: Another suicide in Ogbomoso, at Omosin area 

BREAKING: Another suicide in Ogbomoso, at Omosin area


It was a gory sight this afternoon at Omosin area, Oke-Owode, Ogbomoso as a young man in his early twenties was discovered in his mother’s bedroom stone dead, a rope tied to his neck knotted tightly to a ceiling fan.

The house where the incident occured

The deceased, a bricklaying apprentice, whose name is given simply as Joshua, believably hanged himself and was already dead before he was discovered.

According to findings by her mother, who’s daughter of the landlady of the house, was at a garri producing factory peeling cassava as a labourer when news got to her she should return home.


Meanwhile, it was one of his younger siblings, Eniola, who discovered his body when that one returned from school.

The mother of the deceased was weeping profusely when The Insight visited the house lamenting her fate.

”What would l tell his father’s relations? How can my son commit suicide?”

The deceased’s mother

Revealing she attended a vigil the previous night the divorcee further bewailed, “Ah, and there was a revelation yesterday at the vigil that a boy wearing ankara was planning to commit suicide, l never knew it was me. Oh God!”

Neighbours who spoke on the incident said the deceased was always on his own without quarrelling with anyone “but he smoked hemp.”


Meanwhile, the police had recovered his body while investigations had commenced according to a police source.


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