Cultism scare: NCE student allegedly stabbed at Emmanuel Alayande College of Education

News reaching now reveals that the Emmanuel Alayande College of Education (EACOED), Oyo has erupted in crisis following an alleged attack by cultists.
It is reported that a student in the NCE cadre was stabbed for failing to accord greetings to another student, a degree student, who allegedly stabbed him as a result.
It is however unknown whether they had a scuffe previously.
According to a source, the degree student, one of the Ekiti State University’s students using the EACOED campus, was believed to be a cult member and had gotten infuriated because the victim refused to accord him respect.
As a result other students were said to have mobilized to retaliate what was described as an unprovoked attack, leading to the disorder today.
Security agents locked the school gate this morning at Erelu where the incident happened preventing vehicular movement.
Our source said both academic and non-academic staff of the institution were denied access into the campus thus lectures had not taken place today.
Meanwhile the Amotekun operatives were said to have launched a manhunt for the alleged cultists.

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