Mother with 2 kids, one other caught stealing maize in farm

A middle-aged woman, Mrs. Oluwabunmi Ayangoke was early this morning apprehended at Eni Afe village along Apiti road, near Iluju in Oriire local government area of Oyo state, stealing in a 2-acre maize farm.
Ayangoke was caught with her two kids and a young woman who helped her strap the younger kid to the back while she perpetrated the act.

“We caught them red-handed while they were plucking the ears of maize as they walked hastily along. They had harvested about 24 pieces when we caught them,” Pa Fajobi who owned the farm told
Pa Fajobi disclosed that stealing in the farm began since the maize started to mature about three weeks ago, adding this had given them sleepless nights and so they decided to come very early (from Ogbomoso) this morning to find the perpetrators.
The step paid off as the thieves were caught in the act.

Advertisement spoke with the woman, who said hunger drove her to the act.
Pleading, she stated, “Please, help me beg them, we are hungry, that is why we did it, help me beg, have mercy on me, you won’t be put to shame.”
Asked what her job is, she said she assists in peeling cassava in garri factories in Iluju, informing her daily income was between N200 (two hundred naira) and N300 (three hundred naira).
She narrated her husband had travelled to the northern part of the country since last week, blaming the insufficient money she said he left for them as the cause of her action.
She however insisted that was her first time of engaging in stealing, “I pray God will expose the thieves.”
Meanwhile after intense pleading by her and others, they were left off the hook and made to go with their spoil, with warning never to return.

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