See the BUTH-Baptist Seminary road section causing trailers’ bombardment of the interiors

Developments often bring along with them pains and inconveniences but the end often justifies the means.
The Federal Government of Nigeria has in the last seven months or so been undertaken the rehabilitation of damaged portions of the major Trunk A road that traverses Ogbomoso linking the southern to the northern part of the country.

The Alaaja end at Takie

Prior the commencement of the aposite project the road which was constructed early 20th century has had several portions damaged both within and without Ogbomoso metropolis, causing discomfiture to road users and has been the trigger for many road carnage resulting in losses of lives, houses and vehicles/motorcycles.
It is no doubt that the damage to the road is often accentuated by the many articulated vehicles otherwise known as trailers that swarm the road with heavy loads. Many people have called for the resuscitation and expansion of rail transport system pointing out this will reduce the burdern on the road but to no avail.

A damaged portion at Apake prior the rehabilitation

With the reconstruction presently ongoing in the city people are heaving sigh of relief. In fact, many residents have praised the government for the Apake – Sabo portion which had already been completed admitting it’s engendering a smooth driving and comfort for their vehicles and motorcycles.

Another damaged portion before repair

“The Apake – Sabo portion used to be hellish driving through it, the deep gully in front of a commercial bank was indeed a death trap especially during rainy season. We therefore thank both the Oyo state government that first executed the most damaged part and the Federal Government which did it again extending the stretch and providing drainages,” a motorist told
Recall that the Oyo state government in conjunctions with Ogbomoso North local government first embarked on the rehabilitation of a portion of the road at Apake, which barely after completing the project the Federal Government moved in with its rehabilitation also.
After the completion of the 1st phase the contractor moved further north to former Isale-General area for another repair there also before now coming back to undertake that of Bowen University-Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary-Ijeru Baptist Basic School section.
Expectedly, it has come with discomfort – harsher traffic snarl, and as the road is entering the laying of asphalt stage, the drainage having been completed and the old tar scraped, vehicles now take recourse to alternative routes.
In the last one week or so when the portion was closed to traffic, trailers now go through Okelerin-Oja’jagun/Oja’jagbo-Apatemotawin-Arendala-Arowomole-Baptist High School- -Ogbomoso High School route.
As would be expected, pressure has been brought on these intra-city roads igniting untoward damages. But that is the price for development, it’s realized.

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