Glitz, glamour, festivities as Iba Abogunde celebrates 10 yrs anniversary

It was glitz and glamour amid festivities yesterday, June 5, as Iba of Abogunde in Surulere local government area of Oyo state, Oba Tajudeen Aminu Abimbola Kawojue 1, JP, celebrated ten years on the throne of his forefathers. The occasion in addition witnessed the installation of seven honorary and two traditional chiefs.

Iba Abogunde with his Olori
From left: Onpetu, Aale and Oloolo

The event held at the palace event ground in Abogunde-Orile was attended by many royal fathers and traditional chiefs whose presence in large numbers spiked the glitz and glamour on parade at the colourful occasion.

From right: Olugbon, Adeseun, Sheikh Babanfagba

In attendance were Olugbon of Orile-Igbon Oba Francis Olusola Alao; Onpetu of Ijeru, Oba Sunday Oladapo Oyediran; Aresa of Iresaapa, Oba Moses Olayiwola; Alapa of Okin-Apa, Oba Professor John Akintola; and Aale of Okelerin, Oba Samuel Babatunde Amao.

Alhaji Abdulyekeen Raji (right) and Alapa (in red)
Alaaje (right) and another traditional ruler
Aresapa (right) and Oniwofin

Chairman of Abogunde royal family, Garuba Edison (right) and secretary to the family, Prince Solomon Adidas Akanni and another member of the royal family

Also at the high class event were Oloolo of Oolo Oba Michael Ajayi Oyebunmi IV; Onibapon of Ibapon, Oba Abdulwahab Ashifat; Alaaje of Aaje Oba Reuben Adesina Amao; Oluwofin of Iwofin Oba Raphael Oladayo Olaniran; Alarolu of Arolu Oba Olubayo Adedeji and Baale Begbaji of Begbaji High Chief Matthew Adeyi Fasola.
Other dignitaries at the event included Senator Ayo Adeseun, the newly installed Mayegun of Ogbomosoland; Mallam A.K. Bello; Hon Jacob Adejumo Ajao, legislator representing Ogbomoso federal constituency in the House of Representatives represented by Big Bass; Prophet Ezekiel Akintola Adejumo a.k.a. Baba Awoye and Sheikh Amadallah Lukman Babanfagba.

Iba Abogunde digging it

Speaking at the event, Iba Abogunde said he had many reasons to thank God, revealing “l don’t know l would last ten years on the throne. I faced many challenges, there was a day about two hundred hoodlums attacked me in the palace at Abogunde here. But l escaped miraculously, all l need to do is to continue to thank God.”
Oba Abimbola went on to highlight some of his achievements on the throne among which are establishment of more primary schools from only one that was available when he ascended the throne, provision of more than ten boreholes, establishment of a primary health centre (while appealing to the authorities of Surulere local government to send nurses and other health workers to the centre).
Iba Abogunde also announced that he was not fighting anyone, noting, “I am not fighting anyone. But l seek forgiveness from those l might have offended and l forgive those who have offended me.”
Also speaking, Oba Alao, who is a vice chairman of Oyo state traditional council, described the attainment of 10 years on the throne as highly significant remarking it was purely the grace of God.
Olugbon, who has been in the forefront of promoting peace and unity in Ogbomoso zone both in words and actions, also used the occasion to call on indigenes of Abogunde to allow peace and unity to reign for all round development.
“Ten years on the throne is significant, it is grace of God and I pray you will spend many more years on the throne of your forefathers. I want to appeal to us in Ogbomoso, let there be peace and unity, only in an atmosphere of peace and unity will there be development.”
Olugbon however hammered on the imperative of respect for hierarchy in the traditional institution cautioning traditional chiefs of lower status to always accord respect to their seniors.
“Notwithstanding, there is hierarchy and this must be well observed. Part II recognized chiefs and Obas should accord respect to the ones who are senior to them, this is what will hasten your promotion, it is something that will go round.”
He also disclosed that plans are underway to convene a meeting of the Oyo State Council of Chiefs and Obas, submitting, “Traditional institution must not be bastardized, there must be decorum, we must put things right.” This is just as he wished Abogunde continuous growth and development.
In his speech, Onpetu of Ijeru while congratulating the new chiefs installed by Iba Abogunde, charged them to be alive to the responsibility of providing for Iba Tajudeen Abimbola, “It is your duty, it is why you are made honorary chiefs, the Kabiyesi must not be hungry and that is what can make you earn respect. But this charge does not include Baale Ibudo Alfa and Balogun Abogunde, they are traditional chiefs.”
Oba Oyediran expressed satisfaction with the way Iba Abogunde seeks the progress of his domain and subjects, noting, “He facilitated ten boreholes recently, he could have diverted the funds for that to his pocket and no one would have known but he didn’t do that. Let us support him.”
Onpetu then urged traditional heads to move away from the old way of sitting comfortably in their palaces and residences expecting developments to come, “No, you must go out, seek out your indigenes who are well-to-do and in positions of authorities and also politicians to come and contribute their quotas to the development of your domains.”
In similar vein, he called on Abogunde indigenes to support Oba Abimbola for the uplift of their community while also appealing for the aggrieved princes to bury the hatchet and allow peace to reign “so as to trigger more developments.”
Senator Adeseun recalled the time Iba Abogunde was in the political trenches with him expressing happiness that the Oba had not disappointed him and others as the traditional head of his people.
The Mayegun of Ogbomoso also harped on peace and unity in the agrarian community, noting, “this is the prerequisite for progress and development.”
Aale of Okelerin described Iba Abogunde as a very humble person praying he would not derail in the noble path.
Earlier, welcoming guests to the occasion, chairman of Abogunde royal family, Alhaji Yekinni Garuba Edison, said the whole Abogunde people are full of thanks to God, “All what we want to say is we thank God.”

The occasion featured widespread festivities with meals of various kinds and assorted drinks served while a Fuji act was on the band stand.
In a chat with, Oba Abimbola was all joy over the humongous success of the programme and for the large presence of royal fathers at the occasion.
“I am overwhelmingly happy, it is not that my character is good but I am surprised to realize that one is worth as his character, I never knew I am so loved. There is no local government that is not represented by traditional rulers, Ogbomoso North, Ogbomoso South, Oriire, Ogo-Oluwa, from Oyo, from Saki, from all Oke-Ogun, many high ranking Obas attended, so, I thank God.”
He further dwelled on his accomplishments, ‘We thank God we started two primary schools, one nomadic, and one migrant school, at Akopo and Ogolumo. Also, we built three classrooms at DC School, Abogunde and one at Ogolumo.
“Added to this, we have provided 13 boreholes, we constructed a health centre, then a grade A customary court, a transformer, we produced the residential layout, and also we completed our palace – executed the plastering, fixed windows, painted it, and did the fencing etc. These are some of the things we have accomplished and we are looking to God for more.”
He stated his vision for Abogunde. “I want Abogunde to become a mega city, with good roads, electricity; we already have water, we want industries and higher institutions.”
Asked to mention the villages under his domain, he said, “There are 21 villages under Abogunde among which are Emi-Onikoko, Apata Ere, Akiije, Ogolumo, Igbagbo, Igbintose, Kaowu, Araromi etc.”
He expressed happiness that peace now reigns in Abogunde, “no more chieftaincy crisis as the court has given judgment in our favour, that is forgone conclusion.”

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