Protests show Nigerian youths aren’t lazy – EndSARS protest leaders tell Buhari #Why protest may not continue in Ogbomoso

One of the organizers of the yesterday’s EndSARS/EndBadGovernance protest in Ogbomoso, Comrade Ademuyiwa Adebayo has described the protests raging across cities in the country as a resolve by the people to demonstrate to President Muhammadu Buhari that Nigerian youths are not lazy contrary to his (Buhari) outburst years ago.
Adebayo popularly called “Babs” made this statement during the protest at Takie Square yesterday, attended by thousands of youths.

Babs, a former national financial secretary of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), slammed the leaders of the country for dismissing Nigerian youths as lazy saying those same leaders denigrating youths exploited the resources of the nation to be what they are today, but now denying the same youths of similar opportunities.
“Youths really came out for the protest, it was marvelous, I never expected the number of people that trooped out today. They said we are lazy but they used our resources to travel overseas to study and become what they are and they said we are lazy, we have started telling them we are not lazy.”
Babs further urged the youths against precipitating crisis in the guise of protest, maintaining that the protest was meant to be peaceful even as he condemned miscreants attempting to hijack the protest for their own selfish gain.
He informed that hoodlums tried in vain to hijack the protest, so they could forcefully collect tolls from motorists especially trailer drivers, who were stranded but that they firmly thwarted this attempt with the help of security forces.
And because of this, he expressed doubts over the continuation of the protest in Ogbomoso disclosing he wouldn’t want to be associated with a protest that hoodlums would seize or lead to further bloodshed.
“I want to appeal to every reasonable Nigerian youth, if this protest will continue we need to be reasonable, we need to be scientific, we should not allow politicians to use us for their own selfish interest, we should open our eyes amid tears, we should be coordinated, we should not instigate crisis. We should continue to be calm.
“The one we held yesterday, security outfits were all involved both conventional and unconventional ones, this ensured the protest was not hijacked by miscreants, they tried their best but we prevented them. I can’t say if the protest would continue tomorrow, because there was no reason to lose anybody’s life in Ogbomoso again,”
He added, “People contributed money and materials at the protest venue, it is a signal that we are ready to take the bull by the horn, we are ready to take what belongs to us from people taking our resources to enrich themselves and families, this is the beginning, we shall get there.”
He warned the federal government against unleashing soldiers on the protesters, emphasizing, “That will surely lead to social revolution, if the soldiers come out they will meet us, that may indeed lead to the total collapse of Nigeria, we have capable men that will resist them, if they come out that would only create greater chaos. But we will wait for them.”
Similarly, Comrade Adeniji Idowu Oluwaseyi a.k.a. Aluta, said every responsible youth should participate in the protest, noting it is a struggle to liberate the country from bad governance and police brutality.
Should government jettison the demands of the youths he warned dire consequences would be the aftermath.
“I had to join the protest because an injury to one is an injury to all. If a part of a body is affected the whole body will feel the pain. This is an issue that is affecting the entire country not Ogbomoso alone so I joined the struggle and subscribed to the idea of EndBadGovernance and EndSARS.
“The federal government should know that this is the time for youths to reign and revolution is at the doorstep, if the FG fails to subscribe to the ideas being canvassed by the youths, the youths will hijack the government. So, it is our time to reign.”
Another leader of the EndSARS rally, Adeleye Adeola, submitted, “I joined because it was really a peaceful process. I believe it is a good cause we are pursuing, we are fighting for our right, for our future, for our children and children’s unborn children.
“I am sure this rally will be fruitful, from what we have seen so far across the country, it shows people have woken up from their sleep, they are ready to fight for their right.”
Meanwhile, the Ogbomoso protest was generally peaceful yesterday unlike the earlier one which turned violent leading to the deaths of several youths.
The rally yesterday witnessed donations from protesters with cash, bags of sachet water, packs of bottle waters, soft drinks etc being willfully contributed as seen elsewhere.
Another coordinator of the protest, Mr. Femi Ajiboye, an online media owner ( expressed joy over the success of the protest saying although they had to constantly appeal to miscreants bent on commandeering the protest for their selfish end.
Ajiboye further informed that an indigene of Ogbomoso in the US reading about the Ogbomoso’s protest online sent cash donation through one of his brothers to show his solidarity; this is just as Ajiboye enthused that the protest was highly successful.
He added, “People gave us water, drinks, snacks etc, we bought and cooked rice but this was wasted by some miscreants through their impatience; people addressed the crowd, it is a thing of joy that youths are demanding an end to bad governance.
“It is interesting to note that we even extended water and drinks to the trailer drivers who could not pass because of the barricades. It is not a protest against anybody or section of the country but a call for good governance.”
Some hoodlums however later in the evening broke away and set bonfire at Seminary area and started collecting tolls from drivers of the trailers that were now allowed to pass through Takie. Efforts to stop them by the leaders of the genuine protesters proved abortive and they had a field night.

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