She had premonition of death, ‘sister’ says – grief as Oyedokun is buried (PHOTOS)

She had premonition of death, ‘sister’ says – grief as Oyedokun is buried (PHOTOS)




Grief and solemness pervaded the burial programme of Dns. Victoria Oyedokun, a supervisor at the Oyo state Post Primary School Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), Ogbomoso zone, who passed away Monday (April 15).

The deceased

Gloom was conspicuously written in the visage of all in the congregation at Ayegun Baptist Church today, Thursday, as ceremonies for her final rites of passage began. At the age of 55 plus, her death was not expected. Physically, she showed no sign of weariness. She said the closing prayer at a brief thanksgiving ceremony to usher in a new Head of Zone at TESCOM on April 3.

Revd Dr Oyedokun, widower (middle) with the two children to his sides

And few heard of her admission in the hospital 5 days after the event. Hence, news of her passage hit like a flying bolt.

But she had premonition of her death, though she expressed it subtly, it had been revealed.


Mrs. Deborah Falade, who described the deceased as a sister and that she succeeded her as president, Women’s Missionary Union, Redeemers Baptist Association, Ogbomoso Baptist Conference, disclosed, during the funeral service, that Oyedokun repeatedly told her weeks before her transition, “She was going to rest.”


Falade, who noted the late ex-vice principal at Owode Community Grammar School, was “humble, talked little and prudent,” recalled, “It is afer her death that it struck me she had been hinting of her eventual departure to the great beyond.


“This is because she was telling me since the beginning of this month that she was going to rest. She repeated it several times to me. But l didn’t pick the message.


“Then, l called her number (perhaps after she had been admitted), but it was not answered, first time, second time, third time. Then, the fourth or fifth time it was answered but l heard a voice, it was not hers, but she spoke underneath saying ‘l had told Falade where l was going.’ It dawned on me after her transition what she had been saying.”


Many others who gave testimonies about her virtues described her in glowing terms.

Asepeoluwa Glory giving testimony on her late mom, assisted by her brother, Praise

Dr. Taiwo Oladele, Director, Personnel and General Services, TESCOM zonal office Ogbomoso, remarked, “She spent few weeks at TESCOM, l wish it were longer. Because in that short period, she made a lasting impact. She showed she was a true guidance counselor.


“She always wore a smile, and her smiles took away others’ sorrow. Despite her age she was humble, easy going and a mediator.”


A member of Word of Life Baptist Church where her husband is pastor, said,”Her death left us with unanswered questions. She was a loving and caring mother.

“A teacher by profession and a teacher of the Word of God. Very humble and respectful to a fault. She was imbued with perseverance, never showing her pains, rather she helped to relieve others of theirs. Never a troublemaker, a good organizer, always out to intervene to make peace. Her death is still like a dream but she has gone to rest.”

Rev’d Dr Sunday Oyeniran pastor of Caretaker Baptist Church and Chairman Baptist Pastors Fellowship Ogbomoso Baptist Conference, praying for the family

Mrs. Adebayo, who spoke on behalf of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), submitted, “She behaved as if she knew she would not live long. But she was a great woman. Gentle, generous and good. She lived in tandem with the Word of God. NUT misses her.”

Rev’d Dr Paul Olaleye host pastor

Her first child, Miss Asepeoluwa Glory, who struggled with emotion, said, “She loved God and loved her children. While in school she made sure to call me everyday. She always told us salvation is personal and she made sure we accepted Christ.”


In his sermon, titled, “What shall we be remembered for,” Rev’d Dr Paul Olaleye, pastor of host church, speaking on the passage, Acts 9: 36 – 42, told the congregation, “When you are no more, how will you be remembered? What legacy will you bequeathe?” drawing attention to the good things said about the deceased.

Choir World of Life Baptist Church

Rev’d Olaleye speaking further, maintained, “Whether we like it or not, after we are gone, people will say what they know about us, whether good or bad.”


He therefore charged the congregation to endeavour to foster good relationship with God and with others, while re-emphasizing, “Whatever you do while alive, after you pass on, you will reap. If you look at the passage we read, when Dorcas died, people cared for her corpse and spoke good things about her.”


But he pointed out, “Good character alone is not enough, you must have Jesus Christ.”


Then, he asked rhetorically, “If you pass on today are you certain you will inherit the kingdom of God?”


Her husband, Rev’d Dr. Dele Oyedokun, in a tribute lamented, “Precious, your transition was sudden but it was timely with God. In the last 27 years, 248 days, 8 hours and 24 minutes that God graciously joined us together, it has been from one accomplishment to the other. Together we have fought our battles, our beginning was small but we never lacked God’s help.”

He continues, “You are a woman of faith, an intercessor, an encourager, a counselor per excellence. You are a good critic and a great help in taming my aggressive nature. A stabilizer among my siblings. Your ever smiling face, easy going but tactical approach to things has been a blessing to our home and ministry which God committed to our hands.


“I thought that we would be together to release Glory and Praise to start their homes but you are gone. My consolation is that you know God and you served the Lord your maker.”

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