‘The damages extensive’: Onisapa commiserates with victims of rain havoc in Ogbomoso

‘The damagoe extensive’; Onisapa commiserates with victims of rain havoc in Ogbomoso

Jeremiah OYELEKE

Onisapa of Isapa Oba Bolarinwa Ezekiel Olajide Olajide I has sympathized with the victims of blown roofs and other destructions occasioned by a heavy downpour accompanied by a strong wind Friday evening in Ogbomoso, Oyo state.


The torrential downpour wreaked havoc on a wide scale across Ogbomoso metropolis leaving many in grief.

Onisapa in a letter made available to Ogbomoso Insight said he felt the pain of the victims urging them to take heart and see the occurrence as a phenomenon beyond their control which requires they accept it with calmness.

“I am saddened by the widescale losses rendered by the heavy downpour in Ogbomoso and environs yesterday March 22, it is grievous.

“However, l want the victims to accept what has happened. It cannot be undone, it is a natural phenomenon that is beyond anybody’s control, grieving over it will do no good. Rather it should be accepted with calmness. I pray God will take control.”


Oba Olajide consequently called on governments at various levels, political functionaries and the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to come to the aid of the victims to alleviate their humongous losses.

“At a time like this, l appeal to NEMA, Oyo state government and local governments and political office holders in whose jurisdictions and constituencies the calamity occured to quickly assess the situation and render help so as to mitigate the losses suffered by the people.


“From personal observations having gone round to see things for myself our people need assistance in view of the current economic situation in the country. The losses are heavy. It is important they help our people.”

Ogbomoso Insight reports that many areas are affected signposted by extensive blown roofs, damaged electric poles accompanied with twisted electric aluminum wires, fallen fences and so on. Schools were also affected with several blocks of classrooms getting their roofs removed and other structures blown away.


“These damages are too extensive. Almost all areas in Ogbomoso are affected. I appeal to government to render assistance which should be timely. To eat for many people is difficult, to now look for money to restore the damaged properties will compound the already difficult situation. Governments and well-to-do people should come to our aid,” Mr. Kehinde Adekunle, a resident submitted.

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