LETTER: The lopsided development in Ogbomoso: My candid thoughts

LETTER: The lopsided development in Ogbomoso: My candid thoughts


Benjamin OYELEKE


MY several years of observation and comparison birthed this article. I am an indigene, precisely from Ogbomoso South local government area, but living outside the city. Though residing outside l am a regular voyager to Ogbomoso. I must state that l am a lover of even development like most people, however, I have observed with disdain the slower rate of development in Ogbomoso South compared with the rapid development ubiquitously seen up north.


While the northern part of the ancient city serves as the seat for many important amenities and structures, few or none are sited in the southern region of the city. Let’s look at these as instances:


Lighting: I came home for the new year celebration, one night, driving through Ogbomoso South to the north, l was appalled that utter darkness enveloped most part of Ogbomoso South. While the entire stretch of Caretaker, Ologbon, Ojude Ajaawa etc experienced utter darkness at night, Takie Square, Oke-Elerin, Isale Oja ‘gbo, Owode and innermost or core north are glamorously lit either from illumination from thriving business outlets or street lights!


Therefore, l would want to beckon on well-meaning Ogbomoso South indigenes, home and abroad, to have a closer look at this for improvement. After all, the present Chief of Staff to Oyo state governor and the Majority Leader of Oyo State House of Assembly as well as the Senator representing Oyo North Senatorial District are indigenes of the council area, it’s hoped they would leverage on the influence imposed by their prestigious positions to get the area illuminated at night. I live in Lagos l wonder if l had come home with my children how they would have cringed at the ominous darkness. Please, let something be done in this direction.


Amenities: It is in the public knowledge that the northern region of Ogbomoso not only houses LAUTECH, it also is home to Bowen and LAUTECH Teaching Hospitals, well constructed roads, 5-Star hotels, big markets, commercial banks and so on, however, the southern part is suffering from lack of these good amenities. The availabilities of these facilities trigger more developments in the north, so, l want to charge we should begin conscious efforts to raise the bar of development in the south too. Lands must be made available for developmental projects at relative ease, and leaders of the south – traditional, political, religious and economic – must imbibe the art of lobbying, lead by example and embrace cooperative posture instead of being antagonistic. Diplomacy rather than confrontation is of essence in this wise.


Ogbomoso South has its fair share of prominent citizens too, the onus lies on these illustrious sons and daughters of the region to look in the direction of bringing about development.


I humbly call on HRM King Orumogege III, the Onpetu of Ijeru, the Senator, the Chief of Staff and the Majority Leader of the Oyo State House of Assembly and other prominent citizens from this region to help look in the direction of even development in Ogbomoso.


God bless Nigeria, Oyo State, Ogbomoso and Ogbomoso South Local Government.


Oyeleke sends this piece from Lagos via 08098695827

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