What Akeredolu did that made me cherish him – Rest in peace Arakunrin

What Akeredolu did that made me cherish him – Rest in peace Arakunrin


It is with heavy heart Nigerians received the death of the one who liked to style himself “Arakunrin,” Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) today. The news broken by SaharaReporters early in the morning has generated lots of reactions with many offering their condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

His death reminds us again that death is a respecter of no one, it’s a leveler. It is however unfortunate that deaths of contemporaries never imparts us with any corrective lessons.

Aketi as he was popularly called made an inroad into my heart because of his courageous stand against the dangerous incursion by the murderous Fulani herdsmen prevalent during his tenure. He bearded their lion in the den despite the unhidden backing of the herdsmen by the then President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government. Aketi showed no fear. He was a quintessential warrior who had no mind to suffer fools gladly. He had no fear of the federal might; he faced off with the recalcitrant killers and was one of the brain behind the establishment of the fearsome Western Nigerian Security Network (WNSN) codenamed Amotekun Corps. The Amotekun outfit became a saving grace in the region in the fight against terrorism and banditry, which threatened the survival of Yorubaland. Akeredolu proved he was not a governor out to serve the whims of the federal machineries which flagrantly was at conflict with his people’s eternal interest. He did not choose the convenient cavorting of the powers that be at the federal level, he chose the comfort of his people. Amotekun today stands in the forefront of tackling the menace of terrorism and banditry in the southwest, it’s probably what the north lacks that the cruel killings and kidnapping for ransom remain unabated. Akeredolu was threatened by the Fulani, he was called names, indeed some of them might be happy at how he ended but he remains a hero in the mould of Aare Ona Kakanfo Toyeje Akanni Alebiosu, Balogun Oderinlo and others who fended off Fulani imperialists at their time too.

Secondly, he fought tooth and nail for power shift to the south. He stood in the forefront of the struggle to ensure the northerners did not consign us southerners to the status of second class citizens in the country. He did not play politics of convenience he stood by his principle, in deviant posture, unattracted by enticements of filthy lucre if he acted otherwise. His unwavering stand along with a few others helped to thwart a repeat of past episodes in which the north jettisoned agreements and malevolently appropriated the presidency.

For me Arakunrin Akeredolu though had his shortcomings and failings is an hero of his time. That is how history will remember him.










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