Prepare to fight my govt, Gov Makinde warns those opposed to Soun

Image caption: Gov Makinde presenting staff of office to Oba Olaoye

Prepare to fight my govt, Gov Makinde warns those opposed to Soun




The governor of Oyo state, Engr. Seyi Makinde, has warned those challenging the enthronement of Oba Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye as Soun of Ogbomoso in court to desist or face the wrath of his government.


The governor issued this warning Tuesday at the presentation of staff and certificate of office to Oba Olaoye in Ogbomoso.


He said this against the backdrop of an appeal filed by a party in the legal tussle seeking an upturn of the stay of execution order against the nullification of Oba Ghandi’s appointment by a high court.


Also, an order was sought to stop the presentation of staff of office ceremony which held Tuesday at the Soun Stadium.



But the governor, expressing disgust, stressed litigation over the matter should have been put behind.


He contended that allowing the matter to linger in court would bring neither parties nor the community as a whole any good.


Recalling a similar scenario in an Oyo town he did not however mention, the governor noted that after 20 years of litigation, the Oba got removed by the Supreme Court but that it had profited none of the parties other than stagnating progress.


The governor therefore advised the dissatisfied people to backtrack in the interest of Ogbomoso and the progress of Oyo state.


He warned if they remained recalcitrant he would deploy all constitutional powers in his arsenal as the executive governor to fight them.


“As of last week some of them who contested the throne with kabiyesi they are still in court moving around with court summons,” he said.


“What l can say is that the contestation for the throne is behind us. And l am looking forward to those still in court withdrawing the court cases by maybe end of this week as a show of love for Ogbomoso.


“Let me remind you, in this Oyo state some people took their Oba to court, and after twenty years, they went all the way to the Supreme Court, they removed the Oba. As at today,the sacked king.and those who removed him in court and the people of that community, none of them has derived any benefits in it. Such will not happen in Ogbomoso.


“So the people fighting they should stop forthwith. But if they do not desist, me, as the executive governor of Oyo state, we will be in the battle together and l will fight to ensure peace and to ensure progress of Ogbomosoland and l assure you that whatever power government can muster to fight them l will use to fight them.”


He delved into a new law he said would soon be passed by the Oyo State House of Assembly seeking the support of traditional rulers on it.


“I am a believer in constitutional role for traditional rulers, Kabiyesi, there is a new authority in Oyo state, it is called the rule of law enforcement authority. Presently, it is with the House of Assembly. It will soon be passed into law. And l want your support.”


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