GWR cook-a-thon: Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed crosses 140 hours but …

GWR cook-a-thon: Kenyan Chef Maliha Mohammed crosses 140 hours but …

Popular self-taught Kenyan chef Maliha Mohammed is on course to bag the coveted Guinness World Record (GWR) title for Longest Cooking Marathon by an Individual after cooking for a staggering 140+ hours over a grueling 6-day kitchen marathon. This is according to a news outlet, Citizen Digital.

Maliha, who commenced the challenge on Thursday, November 16, has been keeping her fans updated on her progress in trying to surpass the current Guinness World record of 119 hours, 57 minutes, and 16 seconds, achieved by Alan Fisher (Ireland) in Matsue, Shimane, Japan, from September 28 to October 3, 2023.


He dethroned sensational Nigerian chef Hilda Baci.
Maliha has already crushed through an ardous 140-hour cook-a-thon, a feat she achieved Tuesday afternoon and is on course to cook for another 7 hours before hanging her boots.

She has already surpassed Alan Fisher’s record by a staggering 21 hours and is still soldiering through.

At some point during the cookathon, Maliha even experienced a health scare which saw her briefly faint and get whisked from the cooking venue by emergency teams.

Through it all, Maliha’s team shared a video showing her lying on a stretcher attended to by what appeared to be medical personnel. Undaunted, the chef bounced back not too long after, promising to soldier on to the end.

“I am a conqueror and a marathon runner. Nothing is bringing us down; to the finish line, we go!” she wrote.


Maliha’s cookathon has already attracted some popular faces across the Kenyan entertainment industry chiefly Bien-Aime Baraza, Crazy Kenner, Butita and Flaqo.

Fans and supporters from all walks of life have continued to troop to Maliha’s base, located at Proto Energy Limited Headquarters along Thika Road where they have been making merry, dancing, cheering her on, savouring her meals and sharing widely across the internet.

In August, Maliha made headlines by completing an impressive home kitchen cooking marathon lasting a remarkable 90 hours and 15 minutes, surpassing the previous record held by Rickey Lumpkin II from Los Angeles, California.

Despite her culinary achievement, Maliha is yet to be officially recognized by the Guinness World Records (GWR).

Tuesday afternoon, after crossing the 140-hour mark, Maliha was celebrated by the crowd cheering her on as she briefly stopped cooking to address the gathered fans.

“I’m still here! We’ve done it! And we have some seven more hours to go! There is no stopping,” she said as the crowd roared and clapped.

Meanwhile, it is becoming more interesting how the contest operates. Is Maliha Muhammed unawares of the Nigerian chef, Tope Maggie’s attempt in Ogbomoso, Oyo state, which ended just last Saturday with him cooking 200 hours consecutively?Tope Maggie began his quest November 9, and she started hers November 16, two days to Tope’s winding up and meeting his target. Obviously each is oblivious of the attempt by the other at the time.

In the meantime, as Tope Maggie awaits GWR verification and verdict so also is Maliha Muhammed waiting as she should have wound up her quest as at the time of filing this report. She claimed on Tuesday, “I’m still here! We’ve done it! And we have some seven more hours to go! There is no stopping,” even as the crowd at her venue reportedly roared in applause.

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