Celebrating Engr ‘Gbola Olukumopa’s uniqueness as he adds another year

Celebrating Engr ‘Gbola Olukumopa’s uniqueness as he adds another year




Today, Sunday 24 September, is the birthday of Engineer Adegbola Isaac Adegboyega. As usual, people will celebrate his birthday in different forms such as writing emotional birthday tributes and placiy paid advertisements on the pages of newspapers, birthday posts on social media, birthday jingles on radio stations, birthday text messages, prayer text messages, phone calls etc. The way and the manner people pour encomiums on Engr. ‘Gbola on his birthdays has brought to the fore the desirability of man to live for others so that, one will be remembered for something enviable. But so unfortunate, many people nowadays live for the moment and worry about what to wear, what to eat and how much money they have in the banks. Contrarily, Engr. ‘Gbola is so considerate about others. Although he is not a billionaire, but in his little capacity he is in the category of philanthropists. No advertisement about that because evidences abound of his philanthropic activities. This preamble is necessary to whet the appetite of the reader to find out what I am going to write about this gentleman.


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Engineer ‘Gbola Adegboyega was born more than five decades ago to the aristocratic family of Olukumopa of Oke Taara, Ogbomoso, Oyo state. Coming from a privileged background gave him a sense of noblesse oblige in life.


He is a product of the famous Anglican Grammar School, Sabo, Ogbomoso and prestigious Premier University, Ibadan. He has post graduate and professional certificates from United States of America and United Kingdom. It is on record, he has attended different seminars and workshops across the globe on professional basis. During his studentship, ‘Gbola Olukumopa’ as he was popularly called was ‘encyclopedic’. No subject was Greek to him. The standard he maintains till date. Many people through their testimonies have seen him engage intellectual powerhouse at different quarters. Due to his brilliance and God on his side at his place of work, MAKON Group Limited, he can raise up his head and be counted. He is well respected. MAKON Group Limited is an indigenous oil and gas company owned by Engineer Seyi Makinde, the Oyo state governor. In fact! ‘Gbola’s intellectualism was attested to by Seyi Makinde at the burial ceremony of ‘Gbola’s late mother, Madam Esther Dunmade Adegboyega Adeyemi Adegbite (nee Akinboro) held at Ori-Oke Baptist Church, Ogbomoso on October 7, 2022. His Excellency, Engr. Makinde who was among the guests at the occasion said in his speech, “I am a guest of Isaac Adegbola who happened to be my staff. Our paths crossed some years back when as a fresh graduate he walked in to my office seeking for employment. I was so amazed with his boldness and the way he presented himself that day. After hours of intellectual interaction, I employed him just to give him trial. To the glory of God today, ‘Gbola is an asset to the company.” What a good remark!

The birthday boy!

Reflectively, Engr. ‘Gbola has every cause to be grateful for where God has led him. As a matter of fact, he is the proverbial man who was never thought could build a hut, but eventually built a castle. I so much believe that most of the people that know him very well would always look at him with awe. Good enough, he knows how to keep and sustain friendship. He has maintained friendship with all those who impacted his life when he was an undergraduate. ‘Gbola has remained in touch with all those he grew up with in Ogbomoso. One of his greatest attributes is that, he sees people not from the prism of discrimination but from good old humanity and accommodating. He never wanted anyone to be sad around him. He laughs infectiously and as a philanthropist his attitude is that, life is short and should be lived well. Although giving they say, does not depend on abundance but on the heart. Good enough, Engr. ‘Gbola’s heart of giving is done through his sweat earned salary income. What a great sacrifice!


However as stated in the holy Bible, he who finds a wife finds a good thing. Engr. ‘Gbola’s sense of humanitarianism is made easy by his amiable wife, Mrs. Romoke Adegboyega (nee Oyateru) who hailed from the noble family of Baale Oya, Isale-Ora, Ogbomoso. There is no doubt, this woman of substance in the life of ‘Gbola Adegboyega is a blessing.


On a final note, I join hundreds of people to wish Engineer Adegbola Isaac Adegboyega happy birthday. At the same time, I salute his selfless and unwavering commitment to humanity. It is not an overstatement, ‘Gbola Olukumopa has made his mark and his life will remain a template for good upbringing and excellent service to humanity. Congratulations bros. Gboly.


Ogunkuade is a columnist with the print version of this medium – The Insight. Can be reached via 08036142877


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