LETTER: Appealing to doctors to be professional and patient with patients

LETTER: Appealing to doctors to be professional and patient with patients

Professional doctors are to save life and when life appears difficult to save they should give hope to patients. Frankly speaking, many patients have met their end because of the insensitivity, impatience and lack of tact by some doctors who pronounce some patients as having no hope of making it. Though, ideally, doctors are supposed to be factual about the chances of patients but when it comes to matter of life and death, decorum is required in form of giving hope. Frankly, there is no one that will hear that he is going to die that will not die even before the real death comes. But if one is given hope of survival even when in critical condition, the spirit will lift one up and one is likely to survive it..


I have witnessed losses of close relatives and associates that died out of doctors’ pronouncement that they would not survive their ailments. What is sad is saying this to a sick person on the point of death. What would rather have appeared less painful and more professional is telling their relatives who might have taken other healing methods or going spiritual rather than closing their eyes to see their love ones die. As a matter of fact, though death is inevitable, no one will wish to die without making effort to survive. So, doctors are advised to lift the hopes of patients in critical medical conditions rather than passing death sentence on them, after all, they (doctors) only cure but it is God that heals as well as gives life. I have written from experience.


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