Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association cries out over zoonotic diseases says animals now treated in pharmacies

Nig Veterinary Medical Association cries out over zoonotic diseases says animals now treated in pharmacies


The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) Oyo state chapter has raised the alarm that the state risks outbreak of zoonotic diseases unless the current trend of pharmaceutical outlets treating domestic animals in same facilities set up for humans is stopped forthwith.

The association in a signed statement obtained by stated that the trend had been observed in Ibadan the state capital on many occasions noting that at a particular pharmaceutical shop (name withheld) a barbeque shop is also located just centimetres away.

The association stressed such practice should be discontinued to avert the outbreak of deadly zoonotic diseases which it noted could pose danger as covid-19 pandemic.


Zoonotic diseases which are infectious diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans such as anthrax, trypanosomiasis, brucellosis, rabbies etc are often fatal in humans especially.

It is recalled that anthrax outbreak had been announced in Nigeria in states like Niger and Lagos.

“The new trend in the pharmaceutical outlets around Oyo state with Ibadan in particular is the sight of treatment of animal patients in human pharmaceutical facilities and barbeque spots,” the association disclosed.

It further stated, “This is coming at a time when the world is still struggling with the aftereffects of Covid-19 and the West Africa sub-region is making efforts managing anthrax disease, both which are diseases of animal origin.”
It consequently urged the state government to take stern action against such practice which according to the association is not acceptable anywhere in the world.

“Aside from this being far from the internationally acceptable best practice, we are not sure any serious government will approve such kind practice within her vicinity which makes such illegal and technically, a quack practice. Attached is a video taken at Finrel pharmacy which is a big name in community pharmacy. Also is the picture of log book entry picked at Semat pharmacy both in Ibadan.

“Efforts which are yet to yield results are still being made to get statements from the state government.”

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