When will this empty throne be filled?

When will the empty throne be filled?




Long expectation and delayed hope often breed weariness. This is affirmed in the Bible. Ogbomoso, Oyo state has long waited for the coronation of a new Oba, Soun, to fill the vacancy created by the demise of Oba (Dr) Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III JP CON CFR on December 12, 2021.

Gov Makinde

The kingmakers led by the Areago of Ogbomosoland High Chief Sobalaje Otolorin, did their bit with the selection of Prince Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye on March 22, 2023. The unveiling of “Ghandi” as he is popularly called sparked widespread jubilation and enthusiasm in view of his remarkable credentials.

But it’s not yet uhuru as strong objections were activated against his choice from people who perceived the process as flawed. Sections of the family bitterly and fiercely opposed the selection of Ghandi. Then, a group of religious extremists propelled by a narrow view that the new Soun must belong to a certain religious faith also constitute themselves into an encumbrance, into Wall of Jericho against the process. A certain chief also hypocritically raised ruckus claiming he’s “disenfranchised.” Though this is not to say there are no genuine issues.
Petitions were written to the governor demanding the nomination be revoked. The resistance culminated in litigations by two of the constants praying the court to set aside the nomination of Ghandi on various grounds.


That is all what the governor Engr. Seyi Makinde needed to withhold assent moreover after a court of competent jurisdiction granted an injunction for status quo ante to remain.

The impasse meanwhile is considered a retrogressive period in the annals of the city. The late Oba Oyewumi ignited a season of progress and development. He transformed the domain from a semi-urban area to a metropolitan milieu; his reign particularly witnessed upgrading of the status of Soun chieftaincy to a beaded-crown wearing monarch from Baaleship, which he nicked through acts of bravery. In several facets he inspired a turnaround many which induce pride among the indigenes. Remarkable is the establishment of two higher institutions – a state university (LAUTECH) and a federal polytechnic (Ayede) during his reign.


Without an Oba the community has suffered, with its vehicle engaged in untoward reverse gear. The city has been denuded of several opportunities. This loss arising from lack of a traditional ruler is to say the least humongous and indescribable.

In the meantime many indigenes feel the continuous non-filling of the vacancy is uncalled for. “The kingmakers saddled with the responsibility has concluded their traditional and statutory assignment,” a concerned indigene, Adekunle Ojo, told insightonline.com. “From all indications the person chosen is a bonafide prince of Olaoye ruling house. His father l found out also contested the throne years ago.

High Chief Otolorin Areago of Ogbomoso

“One would have expected the government to allow the court to adjudicate the matter. The aggrieved have the right to vent their opposition in court,” he said.

Another person who however spoke anonymously declared, “It’s as if the governor have other interest. He says he doesn’t want an Oba that the court will remove later. I don’t think that is enough justification to put the enthronement of a new Oba on hold when the kingmakers had submitted a name. It is not expected the enthronement of a new Soun will unravel without litigations.

Late Oba Oyewumi

“I appeal to the governor to expedite action on the process. We seriously need an Oba. If the selection by the kingmakers had ended in a stalemate that is another issue but it was concluded without rancour among the kingmakers so l think there is no ground for the delay in granting approval.

“Let Prince Ghandi be. A survey can be discreetly carried out to find out the level of support enjoyed by the man. Governor Makinde, please give us a new a Soun. We have waited long enough. Let the throne not remain empty again. I also appeal to those who are aggrieved that only one person can sit on the seat at a time.

Prince Ghandi Olaoye

“If it is your destiny to ascend to the throne the path will clear for you. Do not let us hold a whole city of over three million people to ransom. A city is bigger than an individual or group. It is just a privilege being from a ruling house, the ruling house alone does not make a town. Could Soun ruling house alone have defended the town in the centuries of war in the past? No, an aggregation of warriors,  brave soldiers protected the city from being overrun. What is the fate of Afonja and his lineage today? I beseech us let us engage in forward movement.”

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