Oyo NIS Comptroller inspects sites for Ogbomoso Passport Office, as Adeseun donates another building 

Oyo NIS Comptroller inspects sites for Ogbomoso Passport Office, as Adeseun donates another building

Jeremiah OYELEKE

The Comptroller of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Oyo Area Command M.T. Umar Wednesday visited Ogbomoso to inspect the proposed sites for the passport office allocated to the city by the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS).

Umar who also looked over the architectural design for the structure expressed satisfaction with what he met on ground.

This is as he inspected a building, off Ogbomoso/Ilorin expressway, made available by Senator Ayo Adeseun, a former lawmaker in both the lower and upper chambers of the National Assembly, to use as temporary office for take off.

Umar while speaking with newsmen said his mission was to inspect the site and the design submitting it was a good site.

He also commended the people of Ogbomoso for the unity he said he felt among them towards the take off of the office.

The proposed site


The women training centre donated by Adeseun

When asked when the project might be completed he declined to give any date.

“It is a proposal, l have seen the site and l have l also seen the design. This is a good site for that kind of project.

“I can’t give any date, this is just a visit to inspect the site. We will compile the report and forward it to Abuja.”

He further noted that the project would bring prosperity to Ogbomoso in terms of employments and other “complimentary services that will arise. The prosperity that is attached is enormous. That’s one of the objectives of government, to take people out of poverty.”

He added, “l am overwhelmed by what l saw, the unity in the community is wide, unimaginable and unprecedented. I never expected that kind of thing.”

Senator Adeseun (right) with Comptroller Umar

The comptroller also inspected the building donated by Adeseun, constructed to house a skill acquisition centre when he was a senator.

Umar stated meanwhile that the two sites (the virgin land and the one donated by Adeseun) would be pakaged for review and the best site selected by the technical unit of the command at the national level.

He asserted what was however important is the readiness of the community.

Asked how soon someone could obtain passport he informed, “When you are renewing your passport it is three weeks, when you are applying for fresh one it is six weeks.

“What is important is you plan your journey, when you know you are traveling, begin in time so as not to be running helter-skelter, and you have to follow the procedure. You pay online, you are encouraged not to patronize touts, if you do you are on your own.”

Earlier, the comptroller paid courtesy visit to the palaces of Soun of Ogbomosoland and Onpetu of Ijeru kingdom.


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