Kudos to legislators for making Degree certificate at par with HND certificate  

Kudos to legislators for making Degree certificate at par with HND certificate


The signing into law by the legislature of parity between Degree and HND certificates holders in Nigeria is highly commendable and is a right step in a right direction. The law makes it that both are equal in terms of salary and promotion, and goes further to specify punishment for any violator of the law. The basis of the parity must have been found justified by the legislators before signing it into law, therefore, there should be no basis for violation. Though, the parity has been long overdue as the battle had started for long, thank God the curtain is now drawn on it, congratulations to the HND holders for having their academic pursuit and rigours now being recognized and rewarded.

Frankly, the parity law should be seen as blessing to Nigerian parents, I want to say that there is no family that doesn’t have holders of these two categories of certificates as children or relatives. What is more, it brings healthy competition among the two categories as each will want to prove its worth and as such promotes efficiencies and eliminates mediocrities, apart from many more advantages there from. The legislators have done well, so also the ministries of education and labour that provided them with supportive facts and figures and logistics that birthed this logistical and laudable move.

With this, Nigeria has now come to par with the comity of civilized countries where such parity is in operation like the USA, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, to mention but a few. We look forward to more proactive legislations from them.

Adewuyi sends this piece from Ogbomoso (08130851574).

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