Tragedy: Soun dynasty loses youngest Mogaji

The late Mogaji

Death has struck in the Soun Royal Dynasty of Ogbomoso as Mogaji Bolanta ruling house, Mogaji Samson Oyediji Oyedeji, installed along with two others in December 2019, has joined his ancestors.
Mogaji Oyedeji died Monday during a brief illness.
Confirming the sad occurrence, one of his brothers, Prince Oyebamiji Oyedeji said he fell ill on Sunday and gave up the ghost yesterday.
He served about one year eight months as Mogaji.
At his installation he was described as the youngest Mogaji to ever emerge in the Soun ruling dynasty.
He was into real estate in Ibadan before being invited to assume the position of Mogaji by his family.
Others installed along with him in 2019 are Mogaji Areo Oyeyiola Oyelami (Gbagun ruling house) and Mogaji Stephen Ilufoye Layode (Odunaro ruling house).
They joined Mogaji Olawuyi Itabiyi (Abuirumaku ruling house) and Mogaji Amos Olawale Laoye (Laoye ruling house) as family heads of the Soun ruling houses.
He is survived by wife, Mrs. Ebere Aanuoluwapo, and children.

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