Sunday Igboho: Why he was set free by Benineose govt

Facts have started emerging how Yoruba freedom fighter, Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo a.k.a. Sunday Igboho, regained freedom from the Benin Republic gulag.
Recall that Sunday Igboho was arrested yesterday in Benin Republic by security operatives and his extradition demanded by the Nigerian government, which had declared him wanted over indefinite offences.
Confirming the arrest earlier this morning, Professor Banji Akintoye, a world renowned historian assured Igboho would not be extradited to Nigeria.


He said reputable lawyers had been assembled in the West African country which has a large population of Yorubas, to fight his extradition based on law.
Many of his supporters who had been apprehensive since morning over the turn of events have thus received the news of his release with jubilation.
According to Irohinoodua, Igboho is on his way to Germany where he is expected to hook up with his family.
Irohinoodua said his release was partly due to Western countries involving Britain, Canada, France, Germany and the United States mounting intense pressure on the Government of Benin Republic not to hand over Chief Sunday Adeyemo, (Igboho) to the Nigerian authorities.
It was stated that the Ambassadors of some Western nations reached out to the authorities of Benin Republic asking that Chief Adeyemo be not handed over to the Nigerian government.
Their stance is on the ground that Igboho will not get justice if returned to his home country.
“We do not not think returning Igboho to Nigeria will set standards for Benin Republic in line with global human rights best practices, a diplomat told Irohinoodua in Benin Republic.
A US-based lawyer, Mr Leesi Ebenezer Olarewaju, who is one of those representing Chief Adeyemo,.had opined that there weee strong indications Benin Republic would not transfer Igboho to Nigeria.
Olanrewaju said the authorities of the International Police and the Government of the Republic of Benin are not willing to return Igboho to Nigeria.
He said under international laws, Igboho is not seen to have committed any crime but merely fighting for self determination which is recognised under international law
He said Benin arrested Igboho based on ‘alarm’ raised by Nigeria.
He said the British and German governments already have shown interest in the case.
He assured, “We are on top of the situation right now. We have successfully notified the British government on the dangers of letting Sunday Adeyemo returned to Nigeria where his life is at risk.
“We believe that before the end of today, Britain would have granted his request for asylum in good faith.”
Also speaking earlier today, former presidential aide, Reno Omokri urged Yoruba leaders to use their “famed diplomacy” to secure the release of Igboho from Benin.
He said this should be possible because “12% of the population of Benin is Yoruba,” adding, “Before the British and French divided you guys, you were of the same Oyo empire. Do not let artificial boundaries drawn up in Europe prevent you from collaborating with each other.”
He said if President Muhammadu Buhari could be constructing $1.9b railway to his first cousins in Niger Republic at Nigeria’s expense, the Yorubas should also collaborate with their kinsmen in Benin Republic to secure Igboho’s release.

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