Why Ilaka is dropped for Ogunwuyi as Makinde’s CoS

Facts have emerged on why Chief Bisi Ilaka has failed to return as the Chief of Staff (CoS) to the Oyo state governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde.
Few days ago, the Oyo governor dropped all his commissioners as well as the CoS in preparation for a major shakeup of his cabinet.

Oyo state governor Engr Makinde (left) with his new Chief of Staff, Chief Ogunwuyi

Dropping Chief Ilaka was a huge surprise to many political watchers bearing in mind the status of the Ladilu of Oyo and the seemingly closeness of the two, more so, when the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Mrs. Olubamiwo Adeosun was not affected in the sweeping move.
It was however expected that Ilaka would return but the news this morning had it that Hon Chief Segun Ogunwuyi, erstwhile Director-General of the Oyo State Investment and Public, Private Partnership Agency (OYSIPPPA), and who earlier served as the Executive Assistant to the Governor on Investment, is the new CoS.
A letter signed by the SSG confirmed Ogunwuyi’s appointment.
ogbomosoinsightonline.com sought the reasons behind the permanent dropping of Ilaka and discovered that it was in a bid to meet the unfolding reality in terms of 2023 political permutations as well as pushing harder the policies and programmes Governor Makinde.
A source close to the seat of government reveals, “It is not that Chief Bisi Ilaka was found wanting in any area, he is forever loyal and close to the governor but the governor needs to inject more vibrancy and youthfulness into his administration.
“The need to move at greater speed and with more commitment towards fulfilling his promises to the electorates make it imperative that he finds someone younger, someone of his age bracket or younger than him, whom he can drive harder and will have no inhibition pushing.”
Ilaka is older than Makinde and this might not be far from the truth.
The source further submitted that Ogunwuyi since his appointment by Makinde has displayed uncommon vibrancy to the admiration of the governor.

Chief Ilaka: Eyes fixed on becoming Senator

“Chief Ogunwuyi is a very vibrant man, and is very, very active, if you investigate his activities in OYSIPPPA, he has recorded great achievements in line with the mission of the governor. In fact, he has his hands in about 70% of the achievements of the governor.
“I didn’t hear anything about any misunderstanding between Chief Ilaka and the governor but it is all about Ogunwuyi’s vibrancy and activeness.”
Another impeccable source disclosed it was all due to the ambition of the Oyo-born politician who is said to be re-activating his long term dream of representing Oyo Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly come 2023.
“I heard it was because he is contesting for the Senate, that I can confirm,” the source said.
Furthermore, Ogunwuyi’s elevation might also not be unconnected with the breakdown of alliance between the governor and Hon. Mulika Akande-Adeola, a former Majority Leader in the House of Representatives.
The two were inseparable before the election that brought Engr. Makinde to office but shortly after, irreconcilable differences set them apart. They tried to cover the schism but it became irreparable when Hon Akande-Adeola blew it open during an interview in which she accused the governor of “using and dumping her.”
Mulika’s loss became Ogunwuyi’s gain as he gradually wormed himself into the heart of the governor, by which he emerged as the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ogbomoso zone.
He ultimately edged out Mulika and in no time, grew to be one of the closest to Makinde, which makes him enjoy ranking as a powerbroker in the state.
“This might be another ploy to further empower Ogunwuyi for the 2023 battle that will see Makinde seeking a second term,” another political insider posits.
Continuing, the insider unveiled, “You know what is happening in Ogbomoso in the political field, many political juggernauts in the zone currently belong to the rival All Progressives Congress (APC), the likes of Chief Adebayo Alao-Akala, Senator Ayo Adeseun, Senator Fatai Buhari, Hon Segun Odebunmi, Chief Sunday Dare (Minister for Youths and Sports Development) among others are heavy weights that can give anyone a fright.
“Also, rumour is rife that Mulika is on her way to APC, so, the governor needs to be proactive, re-strategize and position people to soak up the challenge posed by this formidable team, at least to have a sizeable cut of the votes of Ogbomoso come 2023.”
However, ogbomosoinsightonline.com also gathers something in relation with the age gap between the governor and Ilaka.
“Yes, it is true that Ilaka is aspiring to go to the Senate but this is all good news to Engr. Makinde, it is certainly a welcome development to the governor, who had been suppressing his discomfort with the way his former CoS relates with him.
“Ilaka, who is very much older than Makinde would just walk in and say ‘Seyi,’ no honorific, no ‘Your Excellency,’ prefix and surely Seyi was not comfortable with this but didn’t complain, so, Ilaka’s ambition is an opportunity to rid himself of the “insolence”. It is the same way he is not comfortable with his Deputy, Engr. Raufu Olaniyan, who is also older than him.”
Meanwhile, as 2023 fast approaches, a lot will happen in the political space, which promises to be interesting amid twists and bends.

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