Eulogium to Asabi on birthday (A birthday wish to Mrspreneur)By Minkail Olaitan

Photo credit: Dave – Adullam

Let no eyes
Cast me stones of hatred
For I am a bird sent on precious
Errand. I am a little flower
By the roadside that entices the
Passerby, I have my bit with me.

Which route should l tread?
The road down the house
Of golden horses’ seller
Or the smooth route that leads
To your father’s house
Or the path you’ve paved
By yourself confidently?

Asabi, A woman volant like an eagle
Amidst the riddles of the storm,
Valiant like a hunter in
Forest of wild animals.
Kudos to you, to the king
In heaven that forms you with
Extreme carefulness

Asabi, have I told you the
Story of Luwo Gbagida and Moremi
Among others? Have I showed
You how I painted you and
find space for you among
The Amazon, Trailblazers
And new-age warriors?

Asabi, today set legs in proverbial
Steps clutch the sleeve of your
Cloth, twirl and twirl till strength
Ask you to stop, till bad lookers
Regret each of their ill words
Asabi, Not everyone sees a new year
As you’ve seen today

I am the language, you are the hearer,
Asabi, lookup, bow your heart,
Kneel, listen to the church bell
Which wakes up the day from the grave of night,
Thanks to the largest deity who is above
For the gift of the new Age.
Asabi, not every night sleeper sees
Bright daylight.

Olamide Alao-Akala Alabi
Photo credit: Dave – Adullam
Olamide Alao-Akala Alabi
Photo credit: Dave-Adullam

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