See the 2 PDP young Turks who met today and why

Politics of love, respect and mutual understanding is what can help our democracy grow in Nigeria. It is high time our politicians did away with hatred, mutual suspicion, dog-eat-dog syndrome and do-or-diie form of politics. That ought to be the trend, the way to go. It is the basis for politics of development and development of politics.

From right: Wolekanle, Hon Kabir Ayoade Akanji (chairman-elect in Ogbomoso North local government), Mr. Akintola Olatunde Joseph (CEO, Igbala Olu Communications, Takie, Ogbomoso) and Femi Onireti
The guest and the hos exchanging phone numbers

Something akin to this played out today as two young Turks in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Ogbomoso, met to celebrate the birthday of one of them.
Today, Mr. Akinwale Akinwole, a.k.a. Wolekanle, marked another year on earth, and held a small gathering at his residence at Aduinin area in Ogbomoso to celebrate the occasion. It was a surprise when his co-PDP chieftain, Mr. Femi Onireti, made an appearance to rejoice with him.
Even though his stay was brief, it was a big leap for the Oyo state’s ruling party in Ogbomoso zone, particularly if the friendship can be sustained. And this coming after the victory of PDP in the Saturday’s council election is significant.
This is because the two gladiators are the newest, brightest stars in the PDP in Ogbomoso today and both of them are intensely aspiring to replace Hon Adejumo Ajao of the Action Democratic Party, ADP, in the House of Representatives come 2023 as the lawmaker to represent Ogbomoso South, Ogbomoso North and Oriire local governments.
The implication is that they (Wolekanle and Onireti) will slug it out together for the sole ticket of their party. It will definitely be a titanic battle to be fought with of course other aspirants in the party. Both boast heavy war chests financially, and they seem to be rivalling each other in terms of making life changing impacts in the society presently.
Femi Onireti vs Akinwole Akinwale is a much awaited political contest in the near future. The two are undoubtedly among the political juggernauts that will rule the future in the Land of the Valiants if they both can sustain the tempo of their incursions into the political space and have luck on their sides.
As the old brigades recede the new ones have started the race to strongly entrench themselves. The future indeed looks bright for the community.

As Onireti departed the “birthday boy’s” house, they were seen exchanging mobile numbers. That is the spirit really. Let the good politics begin!

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