Makinde confident of Ogbomoso’s votes, Onireti declares, plus photos of campaigns

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Makinde confident of Ogbomoso’s votes – Onireti

“His Excellency Governor Oluseyi Makinde has produced excellent results to deserve second term in office. There is no cause for apprehension. He is coasting home to victory,” remarked Olufemi Onireti, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for Ogbomoso North/South/Oriire federal constituency in the forthcoming House of Representatives’ election.

A typical crowd of supporters in Ogbomoso

Onireti said this while commenting on the three day-campaign held in Ogbomoso last week by Governor Makinde, who is seeking second term on the platform of the PDP.

Governor Makinde, who spent three days in the five local governments making Ogbomoso zone, meeting critical stakeholders including traditional rulers, religious bodies and leaders, students of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, non-Yoruba communities and holding open campaigns, to canvass votes, took time off to also play golf at the Ogbomoso Recreation Club.

On the golf course at Ogbomoso Recreation Club

“This is an apt demonstration of his confidence in winning. Ogbomoso is a stronghold of PDP and of the governor,” Onireti further observed during a chat with

”What do you think goaded him to play golf during the middle of a battle if not assurance of votes in the zone? What he saw on ground, what he was told, what he heard and what he did by way of adding values to the city during his first tenure served as massive conviction to him that massive votes await him in this zone.

The governor amid the people

“Believe me, it’s done and dusted. Governor Makinde will win in Ogbomoso and all Oyo state. He has performed extremely well. He deserves it. If Omituntun 1.0 came with such a bang Omituntun 2.0 as he underlines during his campaigns would unfurl greater dividends.”

Addressing a crowd

Asked to highlight how Omituntun1.0 benefitted Ogbomoso, the PDP stalwart who though has never held political office but had donated not less than six boreholes in communities, rehabilitated roads, offers scholarships, held empowerment programmes and so on responded with an analysis.

“It is obvious. What Governor Makinde recorded in Ogbomoso is unprecedented. He in one fell swoop got LAUTECH for Oyo state, an idea that had been on for long without success, and this has brought industrial harmony in the university and stabilized the economy of the city, which cannot be quantified or measured.

“The Ogbomoso-Fapote-Iseyin road is another masterclass project of significant economic value. Whoever knew a road could be so constructed to link the two cities? It is significant, it will certainly boost our economies as farm goods and inputs as well as labour can now be transported more easily. People living along that axis will enjoy a new lease of life. People going to Ibadan may even decide to take that route henceforth since the administration has also constructed Ibadan – Iseyin road and Oyo – Iseyin road. The new roads will decongest Ogbomoso- Oyo and Oyo – Ibadan roads. You can imagine the implications of that such as avoidance of trailers, faster movement, less carnages and so on.

Soun-in-Council receiving the governor

“Do you think people especially the villagers living along that axis whose lives are directly affected, will not continuously sing the praises of His Excellency and vote him for a second term? Our people inhabiting Ayedaade, Ontinrin, Yaku, Aale Shopping Complex, Fapote and so on will now have the opportunity of plying good roads; they are not ingrate they will repay the governor with votes.

Femi Onireti gives sign of Omituntun 2.0

“There are other projects such as LAUTECH-Under G road, Apake road section, Ogbegun bridge/access road, Iluju bridge and so on that have improved the lives of the people.

“Furthermore, teachers and other categories of workers are paid their monthly salaries without them having to go through hassles. I am aware some complain only teachers are benefitting this government. But will teachers and other workers keep the money they received in banks? Capital no! They spend it on food, house projects and so on, the governor realized workers are a key channel in pumping money into the economy, he can’t be a purveyor of money not earned, he can’t be dishing out money to people, money has to be earned. Regular and prompt payment of salaries keep the state’s economy lubricated, it makes people have a settled life, without anxiety like what we had in the past when workers didn’t know when they would be paid and so couldn’t plan or borrow money from banks or friends. What is better than peace of mind which Makinde is enabling! People will surely reward him with votes.

This is the candidate to vote for, Makinde raises Femi Onireti’s hand

“The governor is on the road to victory, l can assure you. Ogbomoso is Makinde-compliant. The goodwill is enormous. The governor feeled it during his stay. He is appreciative. Playing golf during the rigorous campaign is a way of exhibiting confidence and showing gratitude.”


On his own chances in the election, he remarked he had no fear.

With Christian leaders

At the office of the Chief Imam

“Fear of what? Though never an office holder l have achievements to showcase. This isn’t a matter of my father did this or did that, but what have you personally done, what legacy do you have moreover when you held offices in the past?

Makinde amidst his people in Ogbomoso

“What you did when you held offices should be the yardstick. Our people are sophisticated and wise, they would realize this. Four years is long, the constituency can’t afford to waste four years on the basis of ‘My father is this my father is that?’ You what are you? In what way have you positively affected the lives of the people you seek to represent?

Makinde flanked by Akinwole Akinwale PDP senatorial candidate for Oyo North (right) and Femi Onireti
Saheed Osupa on stage too

“In Ogbomoso we tried it in the past, voting for candidates on the basis of parents’ achievements, you can find out how it ended, it’s once bitten twice shy. Our people won’t be hoodwinked into that again. I have aces up my sleeve not only to win but to perform well in office. I will certainly not disappoint,” he asserted.

Representatives of Fulani community

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