LETTER: Fixing Ogbomoso township roads: A laudable effort by Gov Makinde

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LETTER: Fixing Ogbomoso township roads: A laudable effort by Gov Makinde

Oyo state helmsman

Ogbomoso has been at the mercy of deplorable roads for quite some time, which was a huge source of concern.
One of the roads in this category is the Arowomole – Oja’gbo road, which ended up in that damaged condition as a result of repairs carried out at Bowen University Teaching Hospital – Seminary axis of the trunk A road linking Southwest to the North of Nigeria sometimes ago. During the repairs period undertaken by the Federal Government, the road was closed against traffic and so vehicles including trailers took a detour through the township roads especially the route mentioned above and it was what damaged the road as it became riddled with potholes nay craters thus making some areas like Ijeru, Arendala, Kolara, Arowomole, Ora and many more unaccessible with many businesses affected in those areas.
Indigenes of Ogbomoso were aghast, many thought the damaged roads would remain like that since the Federal Government whose negligence and lack of adequate planning led to the anomaly appeared unconcerned.

However, the Oyo state government under Engr. Seyi Makinde has come to the rescue, having awarded the contract for the repairs of the roads. Work has indeed started and rigorous activities are ongoing there day and night.
For this, Governor Seyi Makinde needs to be commended and praised for putting smiles back on the faces of people of Ogbomoso living in those areas especially as the reconstruction will now make the areas accessible and business activities that had been paralsysed would now be revived.
Kudos our proactive governor, Seyi Makinde.
More power to your elbow as we pray you retain the governorship of Oyo state come 2023. Amen.
Adewuyi sends this piece from Ogbomoso. 08130851574.

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