Infantile jubilation: Madam Onochie, you got it wrong by Ade ADEJUMO

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ASUU strike, infantile jubilation: Madam Onochie, you got it wrong by Ade ADEJUMO

When a government is driven by characters imbued with superfluity of idiocy and shameless charlatans whose only obsession is to use public office to settle personal scores, such a nation is imperiled. Lauretta Onochie’s current misjive on the funny order by the National Industrial Court that ASUU should go back to work, makes one wonder about the mental health of those who mill around the president as advisers. That the present strike by ASUU is allowed to linger this long is due to the kind of advice that the president gets from Onochie and her band of misadvisers. From this statement, it has become obvious that rather than sincerely help the government find solution to the problems, she and her cohorts of evil-doers in the corridors of power have been obsessed by consuming anger against our Union for demanding that the government should pay attention to our public universities. Unfortunately for Onochie, ASUU is an idea, it is a spirit, it cannot be broken as she and her co-travellers in this ill fated boat of perdition erroneously wish. Their boat of self delusion will soon capsize. One only hopes that they will not be washed into deep ocean of eternal regrets…

Madam Onochie should look for efficacious medicine to cure her huge belly ache before it degenerates into serious ulcer; ASUU is the proverbial crab by the riverside, it is not in a hurry to blink .

Madam Onochie, this is our opening glee to your infantile jubilation over your imagined ‘demise’ of ASUU as your gift to the nation. More detailed response(s) on the way.

Adejumo, a professor, sends this piece from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso

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